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5 natural ways men and women can increase their fertility, according to experts

From drinking a cough syrup to holding your legs in the air, there are hundreds of strange and wonderful theories about increasing fertility.

While most of the stories of these old wives are nonsense, there are many natural ways to increase the chance of conceiving.

Talking to Mirror Online, Dr. Amin Gorgy, Fertility Consultant at The Fertility & Gynecology Academy, revealed five natural ways to increase fertility.

1. Stop smoking

Dr. Gorgy advises that both man and woman stop smoking if you try to get pregnant.

Give up cigarettes

He explained: "Smoking significantly prolongs the time of pregnancy and even passive smoking has a detrimental effect on both the male and female reproductive system, so it is best to avoid situations in which you may be tempted to smoke or probable consumption of large amounts of passive smoke.

2. Reduce stress

Reducing stress can be easier than done, but it can really help increase fertility.

Dr. Gorgy said: "While stress affects everyone differently, in extreme circumstances, it has the potential to have a negative impact on the female reproductive system and may be associated with" lower fertility "or fertility potential.

Try yoga to reduce stress

"There are many ways to reduce stress, such as reducing workload, meditating or finding support networks. They can help you in the efforts of conception. "

3. Limit alcohol

According to Dr. Gorgy, drinking alcohol can reduce the risk of conceiving women by more than 50%.

He added: "Even moderate consumption of alcohol for five drinks or less per week may contribute to the risk of some types of infertility.

"In men, excessive alcohol consumption influences the level of hormones, affecting the quality and production of semen".

In men, excessive alcohol consumption disturbs hormone levels. Try water

4. Regularly exercise

If you already love hitting the gym, you can increase your fertility without even knowing it.

Dr. Gorgy said: "Exercising at the optimal rate for body type and fitness will help you become stronger, preparing your body for pregnancy, but excessive exercise can reduce the likelihood of regular ovulation every month, thereby reducing the chances of conceiving, so exercise in moderation."

5. Keep a healthy diet

Finally, try to be careful about what you eat.

Dr Gorgy added: "Try to maintain a healthy diet with sufficient levels of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and vitamin D to increase your chances of conceiving – for example, a well-balanced Mediterranean diet will meet your body's requirements and these essential vitamins will help your body to create optimal environment for the child. "

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