Billionaire Winklevoss twins are not bitcoin maximalists – here’s what they track in the Altcoin space


Cryptocurrency exchange founders Gemini Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss determine that they are not Bitcoin maximists after revealing a number of crypto assets they currently own.

In SALT Talk, the Winklevoss twins presented their insight into which assets can keep up with Bitcoin in the future of digital finance.

Cameron Winklevoss says that while Bitcoin should remain a value leader, the twins still see value in other assets for a variety of reasons.

“I think when it comes to storing a valuable puzzle piece, I think Bitcoin is at stake. There may be silver in Bitcoin gold, but I don’t think there are many places where value is stored in general.

But we are definitely not maximalist in the sense that we only believe and love Bitcoin. We have a lot of Bitcoins. We want Bitcoin to work. We hope it works for you. We also own Ether and other cryptocurrencies, and we’re very optimistic about the Ethereum and DeFi (decentralized finance) projects that were built on top of Ethereum and a lot of what’s going on there. We have a lot of space. Of course, there are some projects that don’t have much value, but there are definitely a few that have already proved to be a huge promise, and Bitcoin is one of them, Ethereum is another, sort of like being a digital computer in the world. Ethereum or Ether – currency; Think of it as the digital oil that powers this supercomputer that can run applications and all kinds of cool programs. “

Cameron also mentioned Filecoin (FIL) as a new asset to look out for.

“Filecoin is a new coin that just arrived and is a decentralized data storage network, so think of a centralized Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure storage pod. Filecoin is basically unbundling [and] decentralizing it just like Ethereum is a decentralized cloud operating system and Bitcoin is obviously decentralized digital gold. “


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