Friday , August 23 2019
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Botswana forbids Bridgette Radebe

Botswana banned the husband of a South African minister who is also the sister of a powerful mining mogul and sister-in-law of the president, from entering the visa-free state, according to the documents seen by AFP on Tuesday.

Document issued by the Minister for Immigration in Botswana, Magang Ngaka Ngaka, 17 April 2019, He said that Bridgette Motsepe-Radebe, a South African wife, energy minister Jeff Radebe, must "get a visa to enter Botswana".

The official reason for this move was not given, but local media accused her of interfering in Botswana's politics.

Motsepe-Radebe, 59, is the president of the Southern African Association for the Development of Mining. She is also the elder sister of billionaire Patrice Motsepe and the first lady from South Africa, Tshepo Motsepe.

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