Monday , January 25 2021

Destiny 2 players have spent over 7 million hours in Deep Stone Crypt

Destiny 2’s newest Raid has been in the community for several weeks now, so let’s continue this discussion.

While most of the conversation is about the difficulty of the raid and the number of people that cleared activity, the developer shared some interesting numbers in this week’s latest update on Bungie.

The header number for us is the total number of hours players have spent in the Rally so far.

This number is 7,156,651 hours, but it only counts the first ten days after the launch of the Raid.

Bungie also revealed the total number of hours spent in two other raids still available in Destiny 2.

By comparison, players spent 2,807,504 hours on Garden of Salvation and 2,185,983 hours on Last Wish within 11 days of launch.

The comparative table is provided below.

Run statistics +10 days Last wish The Garden of Salvation Deep Stone Crypt
Unique raid activity is cleared 3 555, 33 152, 258 049,
Total Player Hours 2 185 983, 2 807 504, 7 156 651,
Total Kills 338 667 495, 446 461 881 1 100 488 566,
Total number of deaths 32 734 027, 42 676 699, 85 008 596,

Yes, you read right, in the first 11 days of the raid, over a billion enemies died.

The numbers above indicate the broader conversation we mentioned above, this Deep Stone Crypt is easier than other raids.

Unfortunately, just looking at these numbers, it’s hard to make such a call.

First, Deep Stone Crypt released 10 days after Beyond Light launched and many other players managed to reach the point where they were “raid ready”.

There is also the issue of Deep Stone Crypt being cultivable, which with the last crate allows players to get equipment they have already unlocked, albeit with different stat rolls. We suspect that this is another reason why so many more players have completed the raid.

A separate note is that players who have been eagerly awaiting the return of Trial of Osiris will have to wait until December 18 to jump back into peak PvP activity.

In the meantime, develop Deep Stone Crypt, everyone does.

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