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Here's how Minecraft looks like with the most powerful graphics settings in 2019

This week, after hearing confirmation from Sony, followed by a description, another PlayStation in development, you can wonder what exactly "raytracing" is and why it is such a distinguishing feature when it comes to high performance video game equipment. This is a surprisingly visible technical demonstration from Digital Foundry – using minecraft of all things – to indicate his applications – as your username casting a shadow.

Minecraft using trendy Sonic Ether Unbelievable Shadows, it creates a surprisingly good test space. Not only because Alex Battaglia and John Linneman from Digital Foundry can build rooms that pay attention to terms such as "specularity" and "bounce lighting" and "different reflective surfaces". This is due to the fact that the inoculated world is optimal for real-time tracking of rays.

"That the whole world would always be known [by the CPU] what is made of blocks is what is so effective, "explains Battaglia.

"Because these objects do not move and are in a binary, present or deleted situation, this makes calculations easier," adds Linneman.

The rooms they built show not only the very desirable deities of the sun, but also indirect lighting, but also the way the room can be indirectly illuminated with many reflections of the light source and how reflections of colored surfaces will also mix and change when they reflect on another colored surface. This is of course a very technical discussion, but visualizations are always available to illustrate what type of load the equipment has to move to pull it away.

"Honestly, it just looks like architectural rendering," says Battaglia at one point.

"In this way, light works in the real world," says Linneman simply. "Many games have a way to pretend this effect, but it is generated in real time."

The Battaglia equipment for this technical demonstration is more efficient than the Xbox One X, and yet with the installed track tracking modem * it works at a speed of 720p locked to 30 frames per second – if it gives you a sense of how much this kind of rendering is asking. Or, as one of the jokers said in the YouTube comments: "2007: But can he run Crysis? 2019: But can it run Minecraft? Oh, how the times have changed.

Editor's note: Due to accuracy, but without excessive technical Here's how Sonic Ether describes his mod"It is more descriptive to call technology in [Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shadows] "Tracking the path", but it is not incorrectly called "ray tracking" because path tracking is a rendering technique using ray tracing. "

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