Friday , July 30 2021

Huawei can try to take her voice assistant outside of China

Prior to developing Xiaoyi, Huawei was dependent on external voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alex. The company's first intelligent speaker, AI Cube, relied on Alex. In recent months, Huawei has been building his own voice assistant. The latest device, AI Speaker, uses Xiaoyi, like the latest smartphone line. Xiaoyi currently only serves Chinese, but Huawei has ambitions to take him beyond the borders of his country.

Becoming a market share of voice assistants in the United States is probably not within the capabilities of Huawei, but has the chance to compete internationally. The market is divided, with a Google assistant holding just over half of the shares, Apple maintains 31 percent, and the Chinese company Baidu is 17 percent, according to Strategy Analytics. Amazon Alexa, a popular AI in the US, barely registers around the world because it is not the main voice assistant on a smartphone. Huawei may be able to use its popular phones to gain part of the international market for AI assistants.

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