Lil Wayne was an off-the-dome genius because previous reports on his craft point to Jay-Z's approach. But somewhere on the other side of Tunechi, he began filling the notebook with hand-scribbled strips that came from his Hot Boys in 1999. During this time, Weezy was 17 years old, as an integral member of Baby & # 39; s Cash Money Records. Next to Juvenile, Turka and BG, Weezy helped Hot Boys get to the stars thanks to songs like "Bling Bling".

Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

In this sense, the notebook is a true hip-hop artifact coming from a truly influential (and transient) moment in culture. TMZ informs that there are strips from "We On Fire" and "I Feel" which can be found on the album Hot Boys 1999 Guerilla Warfare. Since then, the project has achieved the status of a platinum album, and Mannie Fresh's album "We On Fire" was among the leading singles of the album.

At the auction organized by Moments In time there will be a rare notebook, which was originally discovered in a car previously owned by Cash Money artists. Although the man from New Orleans eventually lost most of his things in Hurricane Katrina, the notebook was miraculously saved. Now it can be your offer for a stunning $ 250,000 initial stake. Does anyone want?