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Mayor Gumede gains support from the ANCWL eThekwini, because he calls for its removal

The political stronghold of the episcopal mayor, Zandile Gumede, was not surprised on Wednesday, the day after the first court appearance in the case of allegations of corruption.

ANC Women's League (ANCWL) in eThekwini defended the beleaguered mayor, calling on her to "continue to serve the city's residents in her Council position."

The League claimed that the case against her was a trick that would remove her because she was a female leader.

"The mayor's appeal to resign from the opposition parties and some factions are part of a campaign to replace her as a female mayor and regional president (sic). All this is connected with the upcoming regional conference, "said ANCWL regional secretary Zama Sokhabase in a statement.

Sokhabase said that Gumede had been subjected to an "extreme attack" since taking office as the first mayor in the eThekwini metro.

"Her name was drawn into the mud by the opposition, including some of her companions. This last move aims to hang a dark cloud above her head so that the ANC and community could lose faith in her. "

She also called Gumede's arrest and "premature and perhaps politically motivated."

Gangster politicians and mafias

Sbu Zikode, the leader of the residents of the hut Abahlali baseMjondolo, welcomed the arrest, saying that "they were not surprised."

"Corruption in Durban has become so insolent and backed by such brazen brutality that the state finally had to act. Like many gangster politicians, when her arrest finally came, she was hidden from public opinion and the media. "

He said that Gumede had been subjected to special treatment because she had entered the courthouse using 'the back door to enter court to escape the media attention'.

The spokesperson for the Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) organization, Tim Tyrell, suggested that the ANC would step in and ask for the removal of Gumede from office.

He said that this would be in line with discussions at a special meeting of the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) on March 26.

"The resolutions taken by the ANC at a special meeting clearly state this [it] it would remove selected leaders who face serious criminal charges. The mayor, Zandile Gumede, is facing serious allegations of fraud, corruption, intimidation and violations of several laws. "

He said that they feel that trouble Gumede & # 39; fits the ANC description of "a person facing a serious crime."

Tyrrell added that the bail conditions imposed on Gumede prevented her from doing her job effectively.

Limits on bail

The mayor was ordered to refrain from cooperating with officials in several key departments, including the supply chain, human resources, legal, financial and permanent Durban waste.

Judge Dawn Somaroo said the investigations in the Gumede case had to be carried out because of intimidation and threats.

Gumede appeared among the chaotic scenes in front of the Commercial Court in Durban, where her supporters raised bags and jackets to prevent her from taking photographs.

The appearance occurred after the arrest of her and councilman Mondli Mthembu in connection with the tender for the disposal of millions of rand deposits. They handed over to the police.

She received a deposit of R50,000 together with Mthembu, who is also the chairman of the Human Settlements and Infrastructure Committee.

It is expected that the case will resume on August 8.

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