Wednesday , January 20 2021

Mzansi reacts to the fact that Master KG hits Jay Z’s Tidal 2020 playlist.

It’s official, in December the whole world will chant: “Master, Master KG” while the hitmaker continues to strengthen his name internationally by placing it on the Tidal 2020 playlist of American rapper and business mogul Jay Z.

It has been a phenomenal year for Jerusalem hitmaker who collects winnings for winning every week.

Since collecting a whopping 143 million streams on Spotify this year, as well as eight prestigious awards, it’s no surprise that Jay Z and his team were left to do the noble thing by adding Master KG to their Fire 2020 playlist.

On a streak, Master KG went on Twitter and said how “amazing” it was that his international banger, Jerusalem, made Jay Z’s list.

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