Sunday , January 17 2021

New Suzuki Jimny launches SA – The Citizen

The replacement of the predecessor after a successful 20-year life cycle and the International Good Design Award on the fireplace wing, the brand new Suzuki Jimny, is finally available in Mzansi.

The new Jimny is available in two flavors: GA and GLX, two gears, five speed manual and four speeds, and many adventurous gears.


What's not required is the ALLGROP PRO 4 × 2, 4 × 4 and 4 × 4 short-range transmission case and rigid ladder frame construction with built-in off-road capability.

Venter explains that one of the four generations of Suzuki Jimny has the same design abbreviation. Create a compact, lightweight, affordable off-road vehicle with a true 4 × 4 capability.

This is the most concentrated form of the new generation, thanks to Hiroyuki Yenezawa Jimny's chief engineer philosophy: "Making Jimny more attractive by fine-tuning every detail of the sample".

Good design inside and outside

With the brand new Jimny, Suzuki's designers worked hard to make all the styles and designs a cosmetic and practical application.

Outside design

The brand-new design of the brand new Suzuki Jimny tends to pay tribute to the original LJ series (1970-1981) and the SJ series (1981-1998). The new model has the same hinged front fenders, round headlights and round orange indicators in the LJ series and side slits in the shell helmet of the SJ series. The vertical grid reminds the previous generation of Jimny (1998 – 2018) and SJ series.


The new Jimny retro-modern design loved the world and has a good design award to combine styling features and practical applications.

For example, in colder climates, flat surfaces and thin window sills make it easy to unload snow. In all situations, vertical A columns and shells help increase spatial awareness and overall visibility, and the longer roof through the standing windscreen helps to protect the driver from direct sunlight.

The vertical design of the roof bearings allows the roof to create more weight that is ideal for roof racks, roof tents, and rollover security in an accident. This is also supported by the complete drip rack of the new model, designed to allow easy attachment of roof packs, but also a practical way for passengers to be dry from the roof when entering or leaving the vehicle.

For the land enthusiasts, the front and rear bumpers are the most suitable for removing them not only through rocks and shrubs but also increasing approach and exit angles. The design of the front bumper makes a large part of the tire tread in a horizontal plane so that a larger rocking ability can be achieved on rocky terrain.

On the back of the vehicle, the Suzuki designers carried all the lights to the horizontal rear bumper, enabling them to create a wider rear door for greater practicality.

The spare wheel is mounted on the rear door, making it easier to access and free the seat under the luggage compartment so that the starting angle is better. The Jimny series fans also recognize the design of the GAspecification steel wheel, which is similar to the previous generation.

Finally, molded bumpers and wheel arches keep away the painted surfaces away from the rocks and the square design allows greater movement of the wheels. Square curves make it possible to have more space for replacing, inflating, or lowering tires, for everyone who likes to play in the sand.


GLX's 15 "alloy wheels, color-coded door mirrors and painted outside mirrors can differ from GA and GLX models.

interior design

The exterior design is a mixture of practical and retro design designs in interior design. Here, the dashboard, instrument panel, partly outgoing door panels and tailgate design reminds the nearly fifty-year history of the model, while improving the owners of earlier models.

The dashboard is designed in three horizontal layers. Strong horizontal lines are a horizontal plane visual reference for road transport and have a handy auxiliary handle and mobile phone tray at the middle level and a glove compartment on the lower level.

The same horizontal lines flow to the molded door panels, partially with bulky metal parts. These panels are designed to be easy to clean, robust, and fit into the overall square style of the new Jimny.

Behind the driver, the rear section is still equipped with a speedometer and a speedometer, in separate square meters. This is another tip for the SJ series and the new Jimny, these tools always illuminated, which emphasizes the practical application of the vehicle.

In the brand new Jimny, designers paid special attention to emphasizing tactile elements in the cabin.

The upholstery is comfortable but hard wearing, and the molded dashboard features a tough wearer with a mixture of repetitive lines and the same coarse texture in the lower parts as a professional DSLR camera body.


The dashboard finishes are finished in brushed metal, and the door handles simply work (or hang) when wearing work gloves. Likewise, the switches and discs are designed to be easy to handle with work gloves and have tested each stalk and disc for easy and intuitive operation.

Mechanical curriculum vitae – the essence of all four serious off-roading

While luxury specs and accessories can change from model to model, every new Suzuki Jimny has the same mechanical trunk and is ready for serious off-roading.

The backbone frame is the backbone of the new Jimny capabilities. In the new model, Suzuki's engineers have provided a patented cross member, the Suzuki X-tag, between the two rigid shafts.

The X-tag consists of two diagonal cross members that further strengthen the chassis. This allows to reduce the elasticity of the assembly during heavy axial off-road driving and creates a very strong platform for fitting body and chassis parts. Another advantage is that the additional torsion force has improved Jimny's road driving dynamics and overall crash safety.

The X member is supported by adding two extra horizontal cross members. The front is behind the front wheels and below the gearbox housing, the second is the two farthest points on the ladder frame beneath the rear bumper. It is interesting that the cover on which the windscreen wipers are mounted is now made of metal and works with the auxiliary cross members for the sake of greater stiffness and body strength.


The very rigid ladder frame is the basis of the Suzuki Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) system, which can be integrated with high-strength steel, computer design and rigid platform from a major breakdown safety point of view.

Eight new rubber mounts are on top of the ladder frame. These mounts are vertically softer and horizontally heavier than before, for more comfortable travel and more comfortable handling.

The second essential element of the real off roader is the rigid shaft suspension system. Rigid axes considerably improve serious off-road capabilities as they mechanically lower a wheel when the opposite wheel is lifted from the ground. In addition, the axle system prevents the nose from running fast during scuba diving, which is also a matter of drifting and treading lighter roads.

The rigid shafts are connected to the wheels with three wheels – one side bar on each wheel and two guides (on the front) and the rear (rear) arms.

Suzuki strengthened the shaft housings by 30% and put a steering damper on the front suspension to limit the steering wheel's kickback and rough-field vibrations.

Third element: ALLGRIP PRO with four-wheel drive, short-range transmission transmission. The brand new Jimny replaces the rear wheel drive, 4H (4WD high gear) and 4L (full power, 4WD) with the shift lever, between 2H and 4H to 100 km / h.


The mechanical four-wheel drive is greatly enhanced by Suzuki's self-developed Brake Limited Slip Differential and Electronic Stability Control System. The Brake LSD system adjusts the torque to the handle when the other wheel on the same axis is started. The system has an extra energy saving mode that is within the depth range below 30 km / h for the best traction possible.

Brake LSD is supported by Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control, which are standard in all models. Hill Descent Control keeps the driver at a speed of 10 km / h with a wide range of 4WD and 5 km / h in 4WD, which focuses on moving the obstacles without running the brake pedal.

All of these integrated 4 × 4 auxiliary systems combined with Suzuki's patented ALLGRIP PRO off-road system and all new Jimny models.

The fourth key element of the good off-road vehicle is the approach, the starting and the breaking angle.

The brand new Jimny improves the predecessor angle of the predecessor, a 37 degree approach angle (35 degrees on the previous model), 49 degrees of exit angle (46 degrees in the foreground) and 28 degrees of fracture (previously 27 degrees). The starting angle is particularly impressive, and it is also beneficial from the slightly shorter body and the redesigned rear bumper.


Jimny has a 210mm free height, 20mm higher than the previous model.

Dimensions of the new Jimny:

Wheelbase: 2 250 mm

Length: 3 625 mm (50 mm shorter than previously, thanks to the redesigned front bumper)

Width: 1 645 mm (45 mm wider)

First track: 1 395 mm (a 40 mm wider track)

Rear Track: 1 405 mm (40 mm wider than the previous ones)

Bigger engine, lower fuel bill

For the brand new Jimny, Suzuki's engineers replace the 1.3 liter engine of the M13A with the new 1.5-liter K15B petrol engine.

The new engine generates a higher compression ratio (10.0: 1) and more heat efficiency, so it consumes less energy with less fuel. The new engine has a power output of 75 kW, 6,000 rpm and 130 Nm at 4000 rpm.

Combined cycle fuel consumption was tested at 6.3 liters for manual models and 6.8 liters for automated models. By contrast, the previous generation Jimny was divided into 7.2 liters, 7.8 liters, 100 km away.

Customers can choose from five speed manual or four speed automatic transmissions. Both gears have been optimized for the new, powerful 1.5 liter engine.

In the manual gearbox, Suzuki worked hard to redesign the shift lever and the gearbox to better shift the gear. The new selector system is partially mounted on the ladder and partly on the gearbox for direct shifting, without too much vibration being shifted over the gear lever.

The automatic transmission has also improved. Internal components have been improved to reduce friction and improve gear changes while shift gears have been fitted with a simple travel link for ease of operation.

Interior: comfort and convenience

With the brand new Suzuki Jimny, interior designers have designed the cabinet with a practical luxury of a well-designed professional tool. Every detail of the driver and the front passenger is designed to be easily accessible, even with gloves, robust and functional.

Key features include the front passenger compartment handle, the center console tray that comfortably fits into the phone, and has accessory and USB sockets, and a floor console tray that holds smartphones vertically and can safely hold the 500 ml beverage bottles.

All versions of Suzuki Jimny have air conditioning, power steering and full ALLGRIP PRO 4 × 4 with braking system, ESP, Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control. The GLX models have many additional features including climate control, electric windows and mirrors, automatic LED headlights, remote central locking and cruise control.

The GLX models are also equipped with Suzuki Smartphone's Linkage Display Audio (SLDA) technology. This dual-DIN audio system features a 7 "infrared touch screen with Android Auto, Apple Carplay and MirrorLink. It features a USB connector, SD card slot and Bluetooth handsfree, and key features are controlled by the leather steering wheel buttons.

From the comfort point of view, the front seats were redesigned to completely lower the back bench to let someone sleep in the cabin, for example, on a camping trip. On the passenger side this flat folding seat and folding rear floor allows a fully flat surface for long mounting, such as surfboards.

Driver and passenger seats are newly designed with wider pillows and frames, while side supports are lower to allow front passengers to move comfortably on their shoulders, for example, if you are looking for obstacles on the rough terrain.

Finally, in the case of new front seats, both seats have a 240 mm longer slip range.

The cabin itself became more spacious thanks to its neat interior design and its exterior design. The front passengers have 30 mm more legroom so the steering wheel can be adjusted vertically and rear passengers get 40 mm feet and a higher hip for the convenience of larger trips.

In the luggage compartment, focusing on the practical location is available with special aids and screw holes for additional shafts available at your nearest Suzuki dealer.

The rectangular design means that the luggage compartment is now 1 015 mm wide (915 mm earlier), and for GLX models, the seat back was provided with a hard, relatively thick plastic coating.

GLX models have many additional features in the storage area. The rear seats can be bent one by one, underneath the floor under the luggage compartment, an additional removable luggage compartment and tool box, and the Suzuki 12V connector provides additional power supplies such as a camping cooler.

Uncompromised security

Suzuki has made every effort to ensure the safety of Jimny passengers and pedestrians.

The new model has anti-collision zones in the bumper, wipers, covers, hoods and straps, and mudguards for the protection of pedestrians. For passengers, the TECT certified body, the additional side bumper and the two front airbags provide the best passive collision safety.

On the active safety side, all Jimny models are fitted with ABS brakes, emergency braking (BAS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to prevent wheel slip on all wheels and assist the Jimny track on slippery surfaces and high speed.

All Jimny models also feature ISOFIX child restraints, high-mounted brake lights and emergency shutdown systems.

Two grades are available

The new Suzuki Jimny three models are available from the box.

The GA-Specific Manual Model:

  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • immobilizer
  • ABS brakes, BAS and ISOFIX
  • Dual SRS airbags
  • ALLGRIP PRO 4wd system with low range
  • Brake LSD
  • ESP
  • Hill Hold and Hill Descent Control
  • 15 "steel wheels with full size spare wheel
  • Double DIN radio with 2 loudspeakers and an antenna

The GLX specification level is available with a range of manual and automatic gearboxes and features the following features:

  • Color-coded door handles and painted outside mirrors
  • Electric windows and mirrors
  • Automatic climate control
  • 15 "alloy wheels
  • Remote central locking
  • Auto LED Projector Headlights
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • SLDA touch-screen infotainment system
  • Multifunction leather steering wheel
  • Cruise control
  • Additional 12V socket in the luggage compartment
  • 50:50 Folding rear seat
  • Luggage Box

Suzuki offers a wide selection of both urban and off-road vehicles. These include mud wings, lower decorative strips, front bumper, front and rear differential guards, auxiliary and luggage compartments and side moldings. There is an optional SUZUKI inheritance front grille that refers to the SJ413 Samurai model and a rigid spare wheel cover for fans who want to maximize the retro design theme.

The new Suzuki Jimny buyers can choose between three double voices and five solid colors. Two-color colors include a new wide-angle Kinetic Yellow, Brisk Blue Metallic and Chiffon Ivory Metallic. These models have a bright black roof.

The solid colors are Jungle Green, the bluish black pearl, the medium gray, the silky silver metal and the white.

Like all Suzuki models, Jimny's price is as affordable for as many people as possible. The GLX model is standard with a 4 year / 60,000 km service plan and a GA / 2 year / 30,000 km service plan. Each model has a 5 year / 200,000 km mechanical warranty.

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