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Sexiest Man Alive Idris Elba admits that he can be "a bit rude"

He is an actor, pro kickboxer, DJ, rapper and clothing designer – so it's no surprise that this year's Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba, likes to have some fun.

Growing up in East London as the only child of African immigrants, Elba, 46, "was a good kid, but my parents were pretty strict," he says. People in a story from this week. "When I was 14, when I was smelling my mustache, I was already there."

Going to school for boys was a bit of a "cultural shock", he emphasizes. "It was a lot of bravado, machismo, who is bigger than who?" He mentions Elba, who also played football, football and cricket. "I was a C or B student. I could not sit in the classroom for a long time, I would be bored."

Driving Idris Elba

When he found fame, Elba learned how important it was to be authentic. "When I meet someone, I can read which part of me wants to see – if he wants to see this guy on TV," he says. "And sometimes it's not you in real life."

But he admits to having a "naughty" side. "I told you that my parents are strict, so there is a rebel side for me," he says with a laugh. "Sometimes I have a problem with power, I'm a guy who, if he says," Do not press the button, "I'm going to push him in. I think I'm curious, not risky just what would happen if?

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His current vice? "Whiskey may be a disadvantage, it's a slippery slope because it's a very hot alcohol," says Elba. "When it comes to food, I can eat meat, a lot, like a steak."

The actor also has 10 tattoos and can easily see how he gains more in the future. "I love my dad," he adds. "There are moments in my life, I have names of my children and symbols of my culture, being in the middle of Sierra Leone and Ghana, I have a line from one of my favorite songs:" This train does not carry any villains. "This is not mysterious, it's just an idea that you can wear negativity or blow it up at the station and continue. "

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