Sunday , January 17 2021

The coronavirus vaccine priority list was revised ahead of its December launch

The guidelines confirmed that severely obese people in the UK will receive the coronavirus vaccine before they are fit and healthy over the age of 60.

Official Public Health England guidelines have confirmed that severely obese people with a body mass index (BMI) over 60 and aged 18 to 65 will be on the priority list.

The Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine is one of the few promising candidates, and NHS hospitals across the country are reportedly set to prepare for December’s implementation.

Residents and staff in an aged care home are ranked first for immunization, ahead of all those aged 80 and over, and health and social care workers in second place, and all those aged 75 and over in third.

All of these people aged 70 and over and those who are clinically particularly vulnerable (excluding pregnant women and those under 18) rank fourth, ahead of all those aged 65 and over, followed by adults aged 18 to 65 years old -risk group.

All those aged 60 and over are in seventh place, all those aged 55 and over eight, and all those aged 50 and over nine.

The Covid vaccine is produced by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech
The Covid vaccine is produced by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech

People at risk include obese people, people with diabetes, adults, people with severe mental illness, and younger adults in long-term and residential care facilities.

Anyone with chronic respiratory disease, heart and vascular disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and neurological disease is also excluded.

NHS Providers CEO Chris Hopson said he expects the Pfizer vaccine to be approved by the authorities “from early to mid-December”.

Speaking about the Pfizer vaccine at the BBC Breakfast, he said: “They are in batches of 975 units that cannot be separated, you have to store them at minus 70 or minus 80 in very freezing cold. from a chain refrigerator, and since they only last five days after they come out of the fridge, you also need to make sure you have all of those 975 people in line and ready to go.

“So while other vaccines are likely to be made in primary care, in GP surgeries, such as flu vaccination, with the Pfizer vaccine, our funds will have to do so …

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“This is a huge logistical task and we are doing it at a real pace so I can’t believe there will be no bumps on the road …

“But look how brilliant the NHS is in terms of innovation and adaptation to make sure it is able to fight this coronavirus, this is what we will be doing to ensure we can deliver the vaccine.”

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