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The new Apple TV looks just like an old TV

Apple was distributing news and magazines, a new credit card and games, before it went to business in Hollywood, where the dominant message seemed to be: "We come in peace. Plus, look at all the stars! "

The main problem is that while all previous blooms seemed evolutionary – like the next-generation applications in each of these areas – the program distribution model and the original production basically turned out to be an Apple addition to what everyone is trying to do.

In other words, the new boss still looks like an old man – perhaps a polished wrinkle, but not a revolution.

Indeed, the main point of departure from the program part of the ceremony is that the circle is not reinvented – Apple is in the same industry as networks, film studios and streamers, which involves soliciting talent and striving to identify hits. The same was true of the efforts to improve distribution, although at least sales – an a la carte-based approach in which you "only pay for what you want" – has clear potential benefits for consumers.

Director Steven Spielberg speaks at the launch of Apple TV +
In contrast, even stealing big show business names – reserved by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, which was an unintentional "The Color Purple" – was the general character of any traditional TV presentation, where stars and filmmakers seem to help in buying media.

Perhaps that's why Apple management proved to be more effective in advertising its products than bantering stars, which every experienced participant in an annual ritual known as upfronts heard many times.

Yes, Apple had a lot of power on the tent. But the same is true with many other services and networks that can present your movie stars and Oscar winners and do. Reese Witherspoon is currently at a different concert in HBO and it is not that Apple will be an exclusive platform for watching projects from Spielberg, J.J. Abrams or Winfrey.

Apple's continually optimistic president, Tim Cook, stressed the power of television and its ability to do good in the world. Nothing speaks for this idea more than an ally with Winfrey, who is one of the few talents who could pick up what was often derisively called "broccoli TV" – programming designed to enrich you – into a viable commercial vehicle.

However, in most cases, Apple programming could easily find a different premium platform. Based simply on the quantity, it seems that it is rather an addition to the proposed distribution model than the main reason for this.

Billions of Apple, like other major technological competitors, immediately set up the company as a power of observation – and counted on it.

Still, while television was the highlight of the Monday presentation, it was one of those live performances where, to be honest, performances at the opening eclipsed the main character.

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