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What do we know about a 21-year-old man who died of rabies in a bat

rabies male gofundme
Photo: GoFundMe

Condolences continue to flow into the 21-year-old man who died after being infected with a rare case of viral rabies after contact with a bat.

Nick Major met the bat in mid-May on Vancouver Island and developed rabies-related symptoms six weeks later. He died on Saturday, July 13 at the St. Paul & # 39; s in Vancouver.

According to the Times Colonist, a family member said the Major rode and stopped at the side of the road when a bat came into it. The health authorities confirmed that he was outside and in broad daylight when the bat hit his hand and then flew off.

The GoFundMe website was launched for major when he was in the ICU in St. Paweł, and he is still feeling sympathetic.

"Nick Major has been a valued martial arts instructor at Cascadia for many years. Nick is kind, he works hard and built a caring relationship, all his students – we read on GoFundMe.

"We want to raise funds to help Nick and his family in this difficult time. Nick's family is not able to work because they are at his side. We would like to help cover expenses such as hotel, food and lost earnings. "

rabies male gofundme
Photo: GoFundMe

While the exposure in this case was on Vancouver Island, bats in all areas of B.C. it is known that they carry rabies. However, from 1920 in Canada there were only 24 known cases of rabies.

If anyone at B.C. comes into contact with the bat (even if there is no clear bite or scratch), wash the place with soap and water. Then immediately consult your doctor or your local public health department. They will assess the risk of rabies and can provide a vaccine to prevent infection.

After exposure to the rabies virus, it is important to start treatment of rabies as soon as possible. It usually takes between 3 to 8 weeks before the symptoms of rabies begin in humans, but can be much longer. If you wait for symptoms to appear, it is usually too late to start effective treatment.

You can look at GoFundMe here.

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