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Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon and Recommendations on June 14 – Game Rant

This week, Application 2 fans have discovered the way to Truth, a returning exotic rocket launcher that has the ability to aggressively track the target. The gun turned out to be extremely useful, especially for people entering the menagerie, a unique new mode that has already become the favorite of fans.

Part of the appeal is the ability to control the acquired loot at the end of the experiment. Using the Cup of Wealth and a certain combination of runes and upgrades, players can determine what kind of equipment they receive as a reward. This is a unique aspect of the game and seems very attractive to players.

Although players can not control what they bring every weekend, Xur comes back inside Application 2 with a new set of exotic items for sale. Here players can find Xura, get detailed information about their mission Invitation to Nines and discover which exotic items are available on the weekend of June 14, 2019.

Where is Xur?

Once again, Xur returned to Nessus while riding the Emperor Calus's Golden Beard.

season barges of wealth

Just like last week, a quick trip to Watcher & # 39; s Grave on Nessus. After loading the barge will be straight ahead, with a ramp near the shelf, where the guards will be able to jump down and enter.

Class armor

This week, Xur has one of the best Forsaken exotics for Warlocks, as well as some solid options for everyone else. For those who are not satisfied with the choice this week, there is always Fated Engram, which has a great chance to unlock the exotic from the Forsaken extension.

As last week, the equipment sold has random benefits. Here are three gear components for this weekend:

Geomag Stabilizers – Warlock shoes

Geomag stabilizers are back in the warehouse and remain an extremely valuable exotic for warlocks using the chaos range. The internal profit on this item is called Close Enough, which fills the super meter of the player when it is almost full. In addition, hitting enemies with Chaos Reach increases the duration of the supers.

This is a wonderful exotic item and one that all Chaos Reachers should have in their inventory.


  • Resistance or Mobility
  • Kinetic dexterity, Oversize Weapon Dexterity, Dynamo
  • Basic ammunition seeker OR Special ammunition prospector

destiny 2 bungie looking into nervous chaos reaches the super storm

Knucklehead Radar – Hunter helmet

The Hunter class gets the Knucklehead Radar helmet this week, which is really suitable for PvP modes in the crucible. The Upgraded Sensor Pack is an internal advantage that increases the player's radar when he crouches and keeps him on the screen when aiming at the viewfinder.

The best term to describe this exotic is the best because it is not the best solution for Hunters, but it is extremely valuable in the right situations. Knowing where the enemies come from, even when aiming at the viewfinder, really comes in handy in competitive PvP modes, which makes this helmet worth the starting price for those who do not already have it.


  • Restorative OR Resilience
  • Ashes to Assets, Precision Weapon Targeting, Light Reactor
  • Grenade launcher OR Special ammunition prospector

ACD / 0 Fence fence – Titan gloves

Another solid exotic choice this week are the ACD / 0 Feedback Fence gloves, which are well-suited for Titan players who like to hit enemies. Fury Conductors build energy while killing melee. Being hit by a melee attack not only reduces incoming damage and releases currently stored energy during an explosion.

Even so, it is impossible to compare with some of the better currently available exotic Titans, but it remains a good choice, especially for those players who like PvP content. Striking and evoking small explosions is a powerful and fun possession skill.

Tool rollers repaired:

  • Restorative OR Resilience
  • Kinetic Weapon Loader, Power Weapon Loader, Fastball
  • Launcher Launcher OR Heavy Ammunition Seeker

Exotic weapon

Re-use Application 1 an exotic weapon that has seen an increase in the popularity of Gambit invaders is already on sale this weekend. Queenbreaker is a heavy line rifle that allows players to choose how they want to shoot. Thanks to Marxian targets, players can deal additional damage with long-range targets, which also display the level of ammunition and cargo. The compromise is that the gun needs some more time to fully charge before launch. Combat sights allow the player to load faster and get better service, although they can not increase it.

destiny 2 queensbreaker

However, the exotic profit for this weapon is called Wire Rifle, which shoots a precise arc Arc, which blinds the opponents on hit. While it remains a popular weapon Gambit for invaders to quickly choose enemy players, the only downside is that it requires heavy ammunition, which can be difficult to obtain. It probably does not replace other popular heavy weapons, such as the recently added Truth rocket launcher, but in special situations this weapon shines.

The benefits for this weapon this weekend are:

  • Sights of riflemen or sights
  • Hip-Fire Grip OR Quickdraw
  • Tracker: Kills or Crucible

Here is the complete list of the entire Xur campaign Application 2 on June 14:

  • Geomag Stabilizers (Warlock boots) – 23 legendary fragments
  • Knucklehead Radar (Hunter helmet) – 23 legendary fragments
  • ACD / 0 Fence fence (Titan gloves) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • The Queenbreaker (Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle) – 29 legendary fragments
  • Fated Engram – 97 legendary fragments
  • Five of Swords Challenge Card

Application 2 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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