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A man who almost lost the coupon of 100 million dollars in his truck

HA few days ago at a press conference in the British city of Grantham, the winner of the EuroMillions lottery was announced: Andrew Clark, 51, Boston, Lincolnshire. His prize of £ 76 369 806 (around $ 96.5 million) is the twelfth largest sum won in the lottery in British history, receiving Sky News.

But the new multimillionaire surprised everyone by calling himself "a man who nearly lost 76 million pounds" after making sure he discovered the lottery winnings fate in the car's viewfinder every week after the draw.

The man reminded that after hearing the news that no one had picked up the millionaire's award yet, his girlfriend Trisha and his niece, Louise, were asked a few weeks to check the tickets for several lotteries that he bought.

In the vehicle, Clark kept the bag with all the tickets he had bought for months, and among them he found a EuroMillions ticket, which was decisive. The couple has already bought a new home and two cars, and also intended to help all of their family. "It looks like a magical Christmas story," said the multimillionaire.

The Euromillions winners have 180 days to collect the prize if they bought a ticket in the UK, although they are 90 days in Spain and other countries, and even less in other countries. If nobody reports to him after two weeks, the officials reveal information about the ticket office in order to locate the happy one.

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