A new cigarette rises



Price increases continue to affect pockets and fuel growth, soon they will add cigarettes that will affect smokers

For cigarettes, the Massalín tobacco company, which combines several brands, will rise by an average of 8.5%. So the Marlboro gets $ 71 in the KS version and $ 75 in the box. Philip Morris comes in for $ 68 and $ 71 in the box. Meanwhile, Chesterfield has $ 61 in the KS version and $ 64 in the box; while the L & M brand at KS is $ 56.

Finally, a service that is not necessarily needed, but many people use Spotify (listening to music), from $ 69 a month to $ 99 + VAT, while a family plan of up to six users from $ 103.5 to $ 149 USD to + VAT.


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