A violent extorsin of the commissioner towards a woman


Liliana Herrera (45) still remembers the fascination that created the semblance of the parade. Temporary movements, photographers' flashes and the presence of models that go through the catwalk. This experience, at the time of her clothing saleswoman, is now just a memory. It is part of a life that was buried more than two years ago when she condemned the police in Buenos Aires for abusing her in comisara 10 Ingeniero Budgeat Lomas de Zamora. From that day on, he leaves little of his home: if he sees more than three men, he panics.

On Tuesday, official Gerardo Daniel Ibarra (32) and deputy commissioner Eliazar Amaro Beckman (47), two of the police accused by Liliana, will be judged by abuse of imprisonment and extortionDeputy Commissioner, who at that time was the head of the branch, also attributed to him aggressive sexual abuse.

The victim reported that she was detained on June 1, 2016. At the corner of Elizalde and Olimpo. There was a fair in which the woman and her husband were accused of security-related tasks. "Under the patrol car," three men in plain clothes will tell him. After a few laps, they explained: "Every Saturday we want an envelope worth between 3,000 and 5,000 USD." If you do not comply, you will not be able to continue working in this area.

Liliana, at the courts of Lomas, during the first interview gave Clarna.

Liliana says that refused to provide this money and that's why they took her to Comisara 10, located under the old La Noria bridge. This is not a cross-section anymore. With the jurisdiction over La Salada and despite the constant change of bosses, it is considered one of the most important "black boxes" of the province of Buenos Aires. First, they left her locked in the office. "They told me to take off my clothes and empty my backpack," recalls the victim.

The worst started a few minutes later. "The deputy commissioner called me and I went to a small room on the terrace, grabbed my hair and put it on the wall, then pulled out a card with several names You must also pay," Liliana, the mother of two children aged 13 and 18, told me Speak slowly, psychiatric drugs that she accepts every day stop her, which is why Claudio, her husband, is worried about the reaction he will have when he faces the accused.

Bad treatment continued. "While embracing me, she asked me:" What do you want to give your freedom? How much is it worth? "Then he started kissing me and touching me, I unbuttoned my pants and took off his clothes, I began to cry and begged him not to do anything," says the victim.

Liliana was released around 17. The commissar was already her husband, who arrived alarmed by people who saw the moment of arrest. "First they denied that I was there" – Claudio recalls. When they finally released her, they both got into the truck to get back home. They made a few blocks and she broke down. They complained the same day.

Beckman and Ibarra were detained for a month. He was released after the prosecutor conducting the investigation dismissed the accusation of abuse because of the lack of sufficient evidence at that time. They were both separated from the province of Buenos Aires.

Two years later, after a new instruction led by Attorney General Sebastian Scalera, the former police he must explain the irregularities in the oral procedure detected in the records of comisar. The accusation will correspond to prosecutor Pablo Rossi.

Lilian's presence was not confirmed in the Book of the Guardian. After the victim complained, an annotation was added indicating that because of "involuntary error", it was not reported that the woman left the police station at 18.

A day later a policewoman from station 10 reported to UFI N 8 to report an incident that took place the previous day, which, according to her, was also mistakenly omitted. The agent said he intervened during a brawl at the "El Olimpo" fair, where a group of merchants wanted to "line up" Liliana, which they denounced as fraudsters.

In the case of researchers, committed agents tried to "adapt" this story to hide their true intent: demand Lilian's money in return for allowing her to continue working on the Expo.

Beckman, in addition, will be prosecuted for abuse. According to sources, the experts who interviewed the victim ruled out the "begrulatin indexes" and detected the presence of "post-traumatic stress disorder" consistent with the case of sexual assault.

Liliana and her husband hope that the process will allow them to achieve peace. "We were in danger of death in every respect, we had to move more than once, we can not leave without thinking that something will happen to us, if we condemn the accused, we will be a little calmer, but we are worried The other policemen who were on the commissioners that day and they are still working, as if nothing, "explains Claudio.

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