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After moving to PJ on Sunday, Alberto Fernández was with the governors and without K – 10/29/2019


Juan Manzur cursed as Governor of Tucumán. He did it yesterday, October 29 – by adjusting the calendar that Ramón "Palito" Ortega premiered in 1991 – with political picture of pure peronism crowned by elected president Alberto Fernández.

Manzur, the first of the heads of the territorial PJ, apart from the K device, who came out to "bank" Fernandez's candidacy, organized a blockade show, but, as usual, gave him deployment at national level.

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He was accompanied by a block of governors, the so-called Creole "Northern League", a handful of mayors conurbano and CGT almost full. It wasn't, and the absence provoked theories and suspicions, without reference to Peronism K.

Before this group, Fernández returned to the promise of the campaign, which he repeated every time inside: that it would be a "federal government" which will share with "24 governors." "It will not be speech, it will be reality" He said.

In subtle reading Manzur played: he talked about Juan Domingo Perón and Evita, not including Néstor Kirchner in Olympus PJ or mentioning Cristina Kirchner, who was the Minister of Health.

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After removing the celebration of Sunday in the bunker Frente de Todos, which they ruled out governors – among Manzur, Omar Perotti and Sergio Uñac – the Tucuman postcard was interpreted as a return to kindness.

In the province they denied. "We invited everyone but some could not come" They told Clarin of Tucumán and summoned the elected governor of Santa Fe, Perotti and Gustavo Bordet of Entre Ríos.

They both share a different group: in their provinces they lost the FF formula on Sunday, after wins at PASO and with hard personalized results such as Rafaela, the city where Perotti was the mayor.

Another chosen one who did not travel was Axel Kicillof from Buenos Aires yesterday he gathered his team to order a transition with Maria Eugenia Vidal, which will start after the merger with the governor.

Kicillof, they told Clarin at his side, I talked to Manzurhe thanked, apologized and considered himself represented by Veronica Magario, Vice-President. "Taking an oath meant losing you all day"They assured.

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Magario, sitting on Governor's Square, has long known Manzur: when tucumano was the secretary of health for La Matanza, the current mayor occupied the sub-secretariat.

At PJ, selectivity dropped significantly during Sunday celebrations. This was attributed to Cristina, and from the Homeland it was explained that a "cleaner" image was sought, only the national duo and letters from Buenos Aires.

Yesterday Eduardo "Wado" De Pedro, one of the leaders of La Cámpora, who is the interior minister, I talked to Manzur and told him that he should go to the jury of the Judicial Council.

Sergio Massa and Daniel Scioli were there, two Buenos Aires who joined the platoon of guests from Uñac, Gerardo Zamora – who later took Fernández to Santiago -, Rioja Sergio Casas and Ricardo Quintela, and Formoseño Gildo Insfrán. Also Espinoza, head of Buenos Aires PJ Fernando Gray – who met on Monday with Kicillof – mayor Merlo Gustavo Menéndez and Alejandro Granados de Ezeiza.

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The data was the presence of Daniel Lipovetzky & # 39; ego, PRO deputy, special guest Manzur Whose "personal friend" is he?

The union branch was nurtured: from Héctor Daer to Carlos Acuña, from Antonio Caló (UOM) to Sergio Palazzo (Bancarios), from Andrés Rodríguez (UPCN) to Roberto Fernández (UTA). It was the "red circle" of the guild that most often Manzur accompanied him in the act of October 17, 2018, when he mobilized the unit and played strongly in the September summit, which was official from the first episode of the social pact, when he sat in the first place of the UIA, Miguel Acevedo.

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