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Allergy or cold? These are the symptoms that help you know what's wrong with you

"Anyway," says Dr Arochena, "the most important thing is to see a doctor, because whether it's an allergic process or a runny nose, it's important act on time and treat the symptoms to prevent them from developing into more important conditions such as infections (sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia) or an asthmatic crisis. In the case of allergies, it is necessary to make the correct diagnosis to prevent it from occurring. "

Rhinitis affects one in three children, more common in children under five years old.

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It is from special importance in children, to prevent you from receiving inappropriate treatment and to provide immediate help in the event of an allergic crisis. "The best way to distinguish these processes in minors," explains Fernández-Nieto, "itchy nose. In the catarrhal image, it is mild, but in allergic rhinitis is intense, very annoying and persistent, thanks to which it can significantly change the quality of a child's life, even affecting his school results, sleep and social relations. " Inflammation of the nasal mucosa affects every third child, more often occurring under five years old, and catarrhal viral images are often confused with allergic photos.

In short, always consult a doctor if in doubt. Self-healing or waiting for us can be effective in some cases, but may also be necessary specific treatment or that you are using the wrong treatment, and all you can get is to complicate the matter.

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