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Another Christmas miracle from Leeds Marcelo Bielsy: a new return with triumph at the last moment – 26/12/2018

It seemed difficult to overcome the feat that Leeds United achieved against Marcelo Biels during a visit to Aston Villa on Sunday: he lost 0: 2 in the break and finished 3: 2 through Kemara Roofe 's goal and in the 94th minute. But on Wednesday, at Elland Road, Rosarino's band got another, even more epic return.

This time, the Loco team started an advantage over Blackburn Rovers. In the first half of the first half, Derrick Williams tried to clear the center that came out on the right and turned against his own goal. The place was 1-0 and it was better than its rival. But in the second half the tortilla was changed …

At 2, Charles Mulgrew compensated for the visit. And after the very contested second stage, in 90, Mulgrew again placed 2-1 for Blackburn Rovers. Biels team lost a series of six consecutive victories and allowed Norwich City (equalized 3-3 in a different match, in which he lost 0-3 and ended it in the end) to reach him at the top of the Championships, the tournament of the Second Division of England.

However, Leeds again got a Christmas miracle in Boxing Day. In 91, Roofe equalized the result with the suspension after catching the rebound in the area and waiting for the line or the referee to check the goal, because the ball crossed the line, but the goalkeeper did not let her touch the net. It was a goal and a draw. But more was missing.

It was 94 minutes when the center fell from the right side to the Blackburn area and again Roofe put on the superhero costume: he jumped more than anyone else and hit the ball to the left darkness to seal 3-2 and free the madness of all Elland Road. This is the seventh victory in a row for Marcelo Bielsa, who also managed to get the lead at the forefront with 51 points: they have three advantages over Norwich, an escort and six over the third West Bromwich Albion.

There are 24 dates of the Championships, which means that on Wednesday it was the first of the second round. In the winning match against Aston Villa Leeds United made sure to become a winter champion, an honorary title. But now he is on the rise and nothing seems to stop him. The first two parts of the table will be raised to the Premier, and the third to sixth will play the group for the third ticket to the highest category.

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