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Apple just patented a camera under the screen, do they have a calculation and mechanisms these days?

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Since the revolution of good designs with several frames in the world of telephony manufacturers are looking for different methods for placing the front camera and sensors without disturbing the terminal too much. And we saw from the cut-out to the roll-out cameras.

Apple wanted to use the notch only for the last two years, but now the company has patented a way to bring the camera under the screen, which for now Appears as the final alternative to burying the excision Forever

This is the camera under the screen that Apple patented

Apple has patented a new method of hiding the camera and sensors under the screen, and that's all produce part of the panel with "let in windows", which would be an OLED panel with layers for creating pixel circuits that can be illuminated.


The circuit layout would be one of Apple's next problems because they can interfere with these sensors. According to Apple Insider each window lets light through the screen, and the sensors would work properly if Apple gave a way to minimize interference.

This may be one of the many patents that technology companies patent throughout the year, but of course placing the camera under the panel itself is to be the final solution to the notch problem, And if Apple manages to be a pioneer of this method, it is very possible that other companies will copy it, which will benefit all users.

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Although yes, it seems that Xiaomi and OPPO have since taken the lead in this race both companies have already shown this solution – though not entirely with the Apple method – in one of its prototypes.

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