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Bad tanning? Luciana Salazar's back "burns"

Certainly you have seen it on portals, on social networking sites, on television programs or heard it on the radio: Luciana Salazar and Marley met on the cover of Caras magazine and presented their children, Matilda and Mirko. Everything was in front of cameras and video recordings and photos that they later publish in the accounts of these famous children.

But not only children were heroes: also Luciana Salazar. As you can see in the picture published by Flavio Mendoza (an intimate friend of Luciana, as well as a completely new father), the back of the model is stained with misleading traces. A rare woman, an esthete who would never neglect his body (much less caring about it).

According to her own published on her Instagram, it would be an organic tan with an airbrush made at home (and it was produced by a company that caters to many celebrities). So the dress with a lowered cut so revealed the mark on the skin, which strongly attracted everyone's attention. It can be a self-tanning spot.

Remember that everyday use of sun creams and avoiding exposure to the sun at dangerous times can damage our skin and even our health.

Coming back to Lula's back, we have to say that in a movie that has seen the web, you will not notice too much of this place on your back. Maybe the lights helped her nuance or she wore body makeup. Is it because the blonde really chose an airbrush?

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