Brenda Asnicar talked about the harassment he had suffered at Patito Feo at age 16


Brenda Asnicar married a Colombian businessman last August Source: HELLO – Credit: Matias Salgado

Inside Asnicar
happy today
Alejandro De Angulo marries a Colombian businessman and is split into Argentina and Colombia, where he can extend his career thanks to his participation in the Cumbia Ninja, FOX novel.

You are a guest in the program
We can talk, 27-year-old exPatito Feo said yesterday that after five years of courtship, he and his partner decided to marry a neutral place, so Croatia was chosen as a stage that closes their love. The relationship took place in August and both had friends who attended the ceremony as in the community of nature.

The actress will be released as the first singer in December and was very happy with her professional presence. Life, however, gave some lessons to the exdivin, a

Andy Kusnetzoff

According to Asnicar, when he was a television participant, when he was a minor, he suffered a harassing episode that he could digest with time. Podemos at Hablar's table said that he had played the role of young Patito Feo in a successful soap opera.

"An actor told me he wanted to swallow, I was 16. He was an independent actress at age 37. We were in the series, now I say this guy told me I worked But I did not think about it because I thought he was good and flattered, now, at age 27, I think the guy was in the ark, we worked and did not give it, "said the actress.

Asnicar did not want to reveal the name of the actor, but said he hoped to say that it would help these situations to face other times today. "As an actress and a person, I decided to draw attention to the attitude that girls know this is not right," he said.

Andy Kusnetzoff called Calu Rivero accusations against Juan Darthes, who also played on a nasty pitcher, but the actress said she had never had trouble with her.

Infidelity: is your successor?

The theme of one night in We Can Speak was known to be the infidelity of one's own and others. Brenda Asnicar said she was disloyal as a "girl" and explained, "What happens is that I have no concrete proof, but I'm like a blood wave and I figure it out."

– Who was that? The pilot wanted to know. But the actress, who
eight years ago, he was in contact with Carlos Tevez, so he replied. "It was already my stomach moving, I do not want to think anymore, life is bright and beautiful," he said.

– We know only romantics [anterior]"Kusnetzoff insisted and added more data:" The romance, which now plays the final final of the Libertadores. "

"I'm from River," said the actress in which the driver saw a possible irony. – Then? the driver asked. "No, all life, old man from the river," Asnicar closed the subject.

The rest of the guests spoke of their loyalty experiences.

Andrea Rincon
He admitted he lost love to attend third parties, though he later felt pain in the first person, and Luciano Pereyra also said that he was a disgraceful young man and cheated on his own body years later.

Pata Villanueva also recalled the reasons why she took her from her first husband, Héctor Cavallero. "I was married for three years, and we had a daughter, we separated because she was in contact with Valeria Lynch, and that relationship was over, and the worst was that I was pregnant." I could not forgive him. months ago, "said the former model. Like Asnicar, both Villanueva and Rincón admitted that ex-partners had been abused and aggressive.


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