Conmebol miss: The River is Copa Libertadores finalist and Gallardo received a very small penalty – 03/03/2013


After a long wait, rumors and rumors passed, Conmebol announced the decision to vilo South American football. As expected, there was no training at Gremio's request, so the Copa Libertadores Finals is going to face Boca. Yes, the Superfinal was confirmed. But the sanction of Marcelo Gallardo was another threatening problem. The disciplinary court has decided that Muñeco will suspend the four games and a fine of $ 50,000.

According to the statement, the coach will not be able to take part in the next Copa Libertadores match, so the next week will not be in Bombonera at the final stage. "The prohibition of access to the stadium involves the prohibition of any communication with the Technical Corps, Officers and Players", details the third article of the opinion.

Following this first penalty, Gallardo remained in the other three Conmebol substitutes, though he was allowed to enter the stadium. so, Muñeco says he is present at Monumental for rematch but will not be able to occupy the substitute bank and not even communicate with the players.

The failure of Conmebol

The failure of Conmebol

How did this whole novel begin?

At Monumental, in the mid-way one-way game, the river was already playing against the Gremio in the second half, and due to recidivism, Conmebol suspended his coach Marcelo Gallardo, preventing him from contacting the players and replacing Porto Alegre.

The Muñeco party met in rematch: sitting in the Arena do Gremio box and watching the game there. However, he went to the locker room halfway to talk to the players because they needed him, he said. The Brazilian TV captured the moment and saw a visionary from Conmebol. Until then, the coach knew that punishment was coming. And shortly thereafter, he learned that Gremio asked the points and the final decision to lose the course when he dropped 2-1, with the first leg being 1-0.

Consequently Gallardo presented his defense by sending the river in Asuncion to Conmebol's office. But he did not stand there, within hours, before the South American football governing body announced his decision, Muñeco gave a press conference in which he apologized but said that this was no motivation, but "impulsive act". Before a videoconferencing with South American leaders who were in Paraguay.

Conmebol heard it and we can expect that a severe penalty of over six months has finally been muted in just three games without controlling it. Muñeco loses its dominant series against Boca.

What will happen if the River wins the Copa Libertadores? Gallardo will be able to direct him to the competition in the Club World Cup, FIFA, as Conmbol has decided not to extend the sanction to the world despite the fact that Article 80 of the Regulation allows it.

"If the offense is serious, in particular, but not limited to, the outcome of matches, corruption and misconduct in front of officials in the match, Conmebol asks FIFA to extend sanctions to the world", Says the decree in which he decided not to protect the Conmebol.

Conmebol's resolution is complete

The disciplinary court of CONMEBOL, HAS ADOPTED

1. HATODIK claims filed by GROTH FOOT-BALL PORTO ALEGRENSE on 31 October 2018.


3 .. NO the Lord MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO at CONMEBOL in Libertadores 2018 next leg pursuant to Article 20 (h) of the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Code. Prohibition of access to the stadium includes a prohibition on communication by any technical body, officials or players in any way.

4 .. ADDRESS MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO for 3 (three) parties. This sanction shall be valid if the penalty provided for in point 3 is met and is complied with in accordance with Article 76.1 of the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Code. Shall be observed in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

5 .. MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO CONSULTATION one dollar fine. 50 000 (FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS), Article 12.6 of the Disciplinary Regulation. of the Treaty. The amount of the fine will be charged automatically by the CLUB ATLÉTICO RIVER PLATE by the television or sponsorship rights.

6. WARNING expressly to Mr MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO that if any controversy has been repeated repeatedly, the disrespect of officials or the violation of the same or similar sporting spirit to which the cause in this case is considered must be regarded as an aggravating circumstance.

Against this decision, the CONMEBOL Board of Appeal may appeal within seven consecutive days of the reasoning of the decision under Article 63.3 of the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Regulation. The appeal must be suspended. The appeal must comply with the formalities provided for in Article 59 of the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Code and in the following Articles. In accordance with Article 63.5 of CONMEBOL's Disciplinary Code, the US dollar's appeal fee. 1000 (US DOLLARS) must be paid by bank transfer.

President Eduardo Gross Brown; Amarilis Belisario, Vice-President; Cristóbal Valdes, member.

Gremio's order did not go away

Gremio asked that the meeting be given to the river and refer to a rather loose interpretation of the various articles of the Copa Libertadores General Rules and the disciplinary rules. but Conmebol refused the request and thus confirmed that Boca and the River would be the protagonist in the final.

"We hope to lead the Copa Libertadores final to 3-0, there is plenty of evidence for images and audio in an interview with River Technician, and President Conmebol told me he wanted to improve the picture." said Romildo Bolzan, Jr., President of Porto Alegre.

The Brazilian argued that Gallardo did not comply with the terms of the written pleadings and referred to Article 176 of the General Rules of Competition and Articles 19, 56 and 76 of the Disciplinary Regulation.


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