"Dancing 2018": Laurita Fernández, face to face with former partner Nicolás Cabré


As if there were no enemies among the participants Dance 2018. Laurita Fernández I had to face the gala on Monday with a dancer Yasmin Cortiwho came to the track with help Esmeralda Miter for a slow rhythm and ended up traveling with her both ways more or less than Nicolás Cabré.

It turns out that the young woman was counting Preview of the show I had "nice relationship " with the protagonist My brother is a clonewith whom I worked Sugarbut it suddenly ended "when Laurita appearedAnd of course before returning money, Ángel de Brito He wanted to know the details.

"I was not a girl I said a relationship, I did not say courtship "she was the first thing that was responsible for explaining Yasmin. "Relations between colleagues?" He asked the jury. "And something else … but it's not the same" – explained the dancer.

So, both De Brito and Tinelli wanted to know what exactly happened. "Ours was cut when Laurita appeared.– Yasmín confirmed. "What was" our thing "- Angel insisted.For me it was something significant, nice … We were not boys. It was like that when you're with someone who tells you everything that you see yourself in the theater and outside … "explained the dancer.

How did Cabré tell him that he was going with Laurita? "By phoneWe talked long and hard, but hey, he was talking on the phone … "- said Yasmín -" At least he told you, "Tinelli wanted to say," do I have to thank you for telling me? "If not, I was going to watch it on TV! He disappeared and chau"said the girl.

Then, to get some spice up for the night, Angel asked if Laurita had sent messages. "Yes, but I have not opened them. "Yasmin answered.

Until then, Laurita did not make any sound. But then he took the floor and explained: "Actually, I wrote to you because we passed and we were greeted in a strange way, and I said," Che, I had a bad day and I did not interpret it. "But honestly, I will not deal with the stories he hadThat's part of his past and it's great for me. I have nothing wrong. "

Taking this into account, Yasmin explained that she had "nothing bad." "I did not greet you as I would welcome you, because I'm feeling and cool, and I will not behave the same because I have changed a bit"Well, yes, a smile, a kiss, a cordiality," said the dancer and explained: "I am not angry with Laurita. Not with Nico. "

Then Yasmin tried to explain that he had not opened the news so that he would not get upset before the show because it was his first chance on the track. ShowmatchBut Laurita closed the case by asking which better respond "privately".


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