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Elon Musk shows a massive Mars rocket "Ship"

SpaceX managed over 20 launches in 2018, but he is also working on probably bigger and better plans for the future. In the early hours of the Christmas Eve, general director Elon Musk shared the image of the prototype version of his "spacecraft" under construction.

Spaceship is a new name for a large rocket previously known as "BFR" that SpaceX plans use to send people on the moon, to Mars and on super-fast international flights in space.

The picture gives an idea of ​​the rocket scale, which according to SpaceX will be bigger and much more powerful than the Saturn V rocket, which took Apollo astronauts to the moon. The nose cone itself seems to have many floors, with working trucks parked next to it.

Musk wrote on Twitter that the massive rocket prototype built in the SpaceX Texas test lab has a stainless steel skin. In subsequent comments, he said steel would be better than lighter carbon fiber material at high temperatures, such as those experienced during the return.

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He also added that the skin "will be too hot for the paint" and instead will have a "stainless mirror finish" for the "maximum reflectivity".

Musk said SpaceX plans to start testing his Star Ship project in 2019. Using "basket" flights, which basically shoot the rocket straight and bring it back to land. Test flights will use three of the next generation Raptor engines, according to Musk.

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