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Gallardo: "Now we start to fly"

The doll referred to the overwhelming victory against Racing as a guest.

River He showed his power in the Avellaneda Cylinder. He Millionaire swept Racing in the state of 6 to 1 guest and showed up as a definite candidate for the fight for the Super League, although it has only just begun. But the minds of La Banda fans take place in a duel the following Thursday Porteño Hillfor Liberator's Cup.

Marcelo Gallardo He spoke in a mixed zone and analyzed the overwhelming triumph before the cast commanded by the cast Eduardo Coudet, In addition to what was the beginning of the official season: "We realize that we start the good beginning of the semester from the smallest to the largest. Now we are starting to run, although this victory will not confuse us, "he said.

In connection with the Thursday duel with the Paraguay team for the quarter-finals of the continental competition Dummy He said: "We are focusing quickly on Thursday's game and we will try to reach our best. The Super League has just begun, and from Thursday we will have the final instance of Copa Libertadores against a difficult team – he explained.

As for victory against Racingthe coach said: "We knew we had to play forward so as not to bear the pressure Racing exerts on the ball in the middle of the pitch. This is the only thing that pissed me off, that we lost two balls inside, that we didn't play forward – he said.

And then he added: "It was a registered game that we were supposed to play with a greater intention. The goals were such, but they decide and must be vigilant on the pitch – he said. The team began to play on the leaderboard, but in just three minutes they can change the result.

In addition, the casting coach Núñez was very happy about the strength of his team: "It's difficult to convert six goals, we had a lot of performance, but the game was also good. This cannot be underestimated. I am happy with what leads you to achieve these goals. We will try to continue this path – he explained.

Finally Gallardo He talked about the performance of Exequiel Palacios: "He raised and played very well. He did it last weekend with Lanús. He comes with confidence and he played a great game today, but I don't want to stop in one player. Equipment and operation at the general level in all its lines is important. They individually determine the performance of each of them, but I leave happiness to the team ", finalized.

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