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Guido Süller fiercely fights Thelma Fardin and his report of rape against Juan Darthés

The media said Juan Darthés was not a rapist, and Fabián Gianola was innocent and had a difficult transition to Incorrectas.

Guido Süller he had strong words and criticism Thelma Fardinby ensuring that she is lying about the violation report she made Juan Darthés for the strange events that took place in a hotel in Nicaragua in May 2009 as part of the international casting tour of Ugly Duckling.

In dialogue with Moria Casán in Incorrectly (America) the media revealed that the main reason for his visit to the program was his willingness to defend himself Fabian Gianola complaints of sexual abuse against him. "I will say this and everyone will hate me, but it seems to me that they give Fabian too much.", the ex-commissar was released, as Exitoina reports.

Claiming that Viviana Aguirre – Gianola's former radio partner who accused him – committed a scandal while sitting in the same salon, Guido said he should listen to cases of men and give an example of what happens to women "She pretended to kill her because she touched the tail, it was too much. If the girl touches the man's tail, what will happen? I create a presence in clubs and touch me on genitals, they do everything to me. We must also listen to the male voice "Silvia Süller's brother maintained.

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"It's Fabián's personality, there are people who are more picnics, they are all the same, they watch you, lolach", he assured Guido to defend the actor, adding that he would not have to harass anyone, "If women are given to you."

Considering Casan's hearing in the Darthés case, Süller was determined in his response. "He is not a rapist, boys. This girl has no proof. He sat down and filmed, he cried and we all believed him, he created a collective, a gigantic thing based on this ", shot.

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"You have a small mind", Celina told Guido, who called her an exaggerated comment about Gianola being "very toquetón".

"Relax with feminism that will remain alone"sentenced to media.

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