Wednesday , January 20 2021

“He won the lottery”: do not believe! Look at the harsh message El Polaco received

A few days ago, rumors of a breakup appeared Pole and Barby Silenzi. The dancer shared a controversial reflection in which she suggested that the relationship with the singer would end. And apparently a participant MasterChef Celebrity, a kitchen reality show in which you compete with characters like Vicky Xipolitakis, Fede Bal y Belu Lucius, there is no respite, because now he has received a sharp message: «Winning the lottery«.

On Sunday afternoon, Barby shared a photo on her Instagram account showing her in a bikini sunbathing. In this context, a former contestant on Dancing for a Dream said, “Missing my Doc Fernando Felice, issue ONE.” The media quickly received hundreds of comments on the post. However, there was one who exposed El Polaco.

The user then launched without the filter: “I keep insisting that El Polaco win the lottery.” However, within seconds, Internet users informed him that Barby was still not in a relationship with the singer. Although it is not known for sure whether the media is experiencing a crisis in relations, a few days ago the dancer shared a suggestive reflection.

You deserve what you are worth. You deserve someone who is willing to risk anything for you. Someone to dance, dream, laugh. Someone who understands you on your worst days and instead of reproaching you, hugs you tightly and kisses you slowly, Barby began. It is worth clarifying that El Polaco usually publishes photos and videos with the dancer, but in recent days it has not done so.

Therefore, Barby declared, “Someone who makes you feel the most precious woman in this world, no matter what your madness and your faults may be. Someone of value, not only for bed, but also for life. (J. Wailen) ». It also surprised supporters that the media hadn’t denied the break-up rumors, which they had done on other occasions.


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