Hernán Crespo thinks that the penalty for Gallardo should have been awarded to the next cup – 11/05/2018


Conmebol decided to punish Marcelo Gallardo with four matches after he had not kept the preliminary suspension against Gremio in Porto Alegre. In this way, the trainer millionaire he can not be in front of the team in the first final at La Bombonera.

In this situation, the voice was taken by Hernán Crespo, a former football player, very liked by fans of the River Ball on the floorfrom TNT Sportswhere he expressed his opinion on this subject.

"In a normal place where the rules are clear, it is logical that if someone does not comply with him, he will be punished, but in a long game like Conmebol, no one knows which players are registered, which players are sanctioned … Gallardo he should be in the bank – he said.

Crespo, in class during the World Championships in Russia. (Photo: AFP)

Crespo, in class during the World Championships in Russia. (Photo: AFP)

"It's a unique river Boca in history and should have all the spices. A place more like a tiger will not change into Conmebol and the ideal would be if they sanctioned it from the next Cup", the former striker ended.

Referring to the match, former Milan and Inter among other teams said: "I think in Superclásico, where small details make a difference, win the first game, or a home game would be a very strong step."


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