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How to lose weight in every decade of life

It is important that from childhood, we learn healthy habits for life. Because we are younger when it comes to acquiring these duties, it will be easier to recreate them later for years. Two of the most important factors when it comes to health care are: physical activity and a balanced diet.

Keep your weight within limits This is crucial, considering that obesity and overweight are risk factors for various diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease, to name a few. However, we must remember that it is not the same as to lose weight at the age of 20 than at the age of 40. Each decade has its own special features and needs that we know well.

How to lose weight in every decade?

At the level of metabolism, the body does not differ so much in different epochs, but it differentiates behaviors that are acquired at certain times.

AT 20

"At the age of 20 usually is movingyou do not have children or as many responsibilities as it is after. There is time for training and we meet friends because everyone is in it. On the other hand, lower purchasing power is more sensitive to spending. If you want sushi at the age of 23 and you probably can not pay when you're 30, "he said. CONVICTION Facundo Crescenzo, dietitian and anthropometer (M.N. 6769).

In this decade, the couple are not so habitually shaped or conditions so much accustomed. However, Crescenzo warns that one of the less healthy habits of this stage is alcohol consumption. "At the age of twenty, physical activity loses more weight and maybe even the disorder of life he planned. One lives with parents, and food is of better quality, "he added.

At 30

Usually, this decade usually lives alone, which makes the menu more dictate the need or desire than father's imposition and may be imbalanced or less healthy behaviors. "You're starting to have children and these years instead of training, you go to look for boys or you have a couple who carry some things that they do not usually go to the gym, "said the dietician.

"You go on holiday and it's different, you go out to eat, one becomes more sedentaryHe begins to look at the series as entertainment, work becomes more and more onerous, economic costs are not taken into account when choosing a place to eat and eat. Friends also start to move less. Everyone becomes more settled, perhaps even more addicted to work, everything costs a little more, it gets a bit complicated "- said a nutritionist.

This decade starts with the loss of muscle mass, so it is necessary not to leave physical activity or training on the side. This line is also basic maintain healthy eating habits.

At 40

Deterioration of physical health is very visible at this stage, especially if we do not care about their health and well-being. Both men and women in this decade they experience hormonal changes it determines the physical condition.

In the case of men, the effects andropause, Lowering testosterone levels, therefore it is necessary to work on resistance, muscle strength and cardiovascular exercise.

For her part, women they experience climacteriumpre-menopausal stages in which a gradual increase in body weight occurs. However, weight loss is possible, although it becomes a challenge. Fattening carries with it certain health risks, such as suffering from osteoporosis, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, so it is necessary not to be left alone.

Mainly, weight gain is produced by reducing the segregation of estrogens, hormones that help metabolize fat and burn calories. Include dairy products, healthy fats, diuretics and blue fish into the diet, and regular exercises are recommendations of gynecologists.

At 50

"Over time the fat is in different places, in the waist, not in the hip, then it looks moreOn the other hand, each time you move less, it's more vague to get up, "said Crescenzo.

As you get older, you walk less and move more in private transport because of the increase in purchasing power, so you should spend time on exercises focused on reduce fat tissue and strengthen bonesthe more you exercise, the less risk of breaking yourself.

Is there always a good time to lose weight?

CONVICTION He consulted a nutrition specialist, Silvio D. Schraier (MN 57648), who pointed out that although it is good to look after weight, not all stages of life are good for weight loss. "During pregnancy and lactation there are times of life to lose weight although it is overweight. It's best to consult a gynecologist. Just as it is not good in childhood or adolescence, although it depends on everyone and always after consulting a professional – he said.

In this sense, he warned that during adolescence one should be careful of "magical and miraculous diets" because it can be caused by a disorder of dormant eating behaviors such as anorexia or bulimia.

"In adulthood, especially in old age, muscle mass over time disappears and fat is gained, through which drastic diets at any time of life become harmful.It is best to always accompany some physical activity without killing yourself in the gym. as follows: I ate less in a different way (there is no food or weight loss here) and move daily for at least half an hour seven days a week "- finished Schraier.

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