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"I called him 30 years", Maxi Ghione gave a testimony and supported Thelma and Calu

After public reports about Thelma Fardn and Calu Rivero, Many artists have offered their support to young women who have condemned Juan Darths through episodes of constant harassment, in the case of the heroine "Sweet Love" and rape, as in the case of actress Ugly Duckling. That is why important people accused, among others, Eva De Dominici, Reina Reech, Magui Bravi, Mery del Cerro, Geraldine Neumann.

In the last hours Maxi Ghione I told her a personal hit story and moved everyone, letting her know that I was suffering sexual abuse when I was 11 You always call and now, after 30 years and the death of his parents, he is encouraged to speak. In a strong edition from his official Facebook account, where he briefly relived his story and left a clear message to the public and how to deal with this wave of complaints.

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The actor After three decades, he revealed his torment, in a more sensitive social climate, to hear and understand this type of case, because the reappearance of feminism and its struggle for the rights of equality between women and men is very strong. which allowed for the emergence of important slogans against machismo, gender-based violence, sexual harassment and abuse. After the public repercussions that led to the condemnation of Thelma, added to Calu, Natalia Juncos and Anita Co, against Darth, the #MirCmoNosPonemos call was made, which caused a change in every respect.

Inspired by these activities, many well-known people were encouraged to talk about their own matters and reveal stories of abuse and violations that have been silent throughout their lives. Something similar happened to actor Maxi Ghione, who had a need to tell on his social networks, which he had to be silent for fear of parents' anguish, but now he is trying to say to heal and go on with his life.

Among the most outstanding words of the actor are those who advise their followers to always believe in the sacrifice, saying that "when they doubt, believe the weak." In addition, I support Rivero and Fardna, and when Darths said that "if he is innocent, I'm sorry," but this time he gets the other side because his life story is very similar to theirs. Finally, she assured her that she had told her son, Juan, about her pain, and it gave her relief. Great brave.

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