Sunday , January 17 2021

I developed an exercise for 5-year-olds, but nobody could solve it | Cuyo’s Journal

One of the last exercises comes from a young man who tweeted a puzzle that no one can decipher.

“Feel free to exercise for five-year-olds,” he wrote next to a picture of two pictures: one of a bird and the other of a door. . The slogan is: “What is the common syllable?” Looking at it quickly, it seems like a very easy exercise. However, when we begin to want to solve it, doubts arise that show that it is more difficult than we think.

The entry has over 400 comments. But very few have commented on the correct answer. Although they did not receive the correct answer, some solutions are very unusual. “PUerta i PUtoloro” – wrote one of the users. Another said it really is “PUerta and PUtoloro.” “CO. Long-tailed parrot. QUIcio,” said the surfer.

After a few hours, when they were allowed to wonder what the correct answer was, the author of the tweet said, “It was as shocking as you were.” And revealed: “The answer is … Ce RRA da / What to RRA.” In other words, the syllable that connects both words in the pictures together is “RRA”.

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