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"I just bank, Yanino, I do not need a name or money to have things you miss!"

Argentine television can be really ruthless, which has proven countless figures in the body over the years. In fact, the same Pampita had at that time a hard confrontation with the chronicler Angel de Brito and initiated an irreversible insult, saying what she thinks about the driver and his program; Of course, as it often happens in these cases, today the model and journalist cooperate with each other in Thailand 2019 and have managed to overcome the differences.

However, it does not seem that the same thing happened to Mariana Diarco and Yanina Latorre. Yesterday a young model and actress appeared in LAM to talk about the alleged persecution she received from Pocho Lavezzi and respond to the accusations against Yanina Screpante, the former wife of a player currently working with Moria Casán in América TV,

The funny thing is that an explosive blonde was arguing with a favorite panelist Ángela de Brito, forcing the driver to end the program without being able to say a word because the insults mentioned by the women included his voice. Today, the young woman decided to make a strong public release with her official Twitter account and sent a text that was accompanied by an explosive movie in which she speaks directly to her new enemy, explaining that she can not see her.

"And the bank @anilatorre I do not need a name or money to have a lot of things you miss. I think many women will agree with me in this film. Besis "(sic), wrote Diarco next to the recording, in which he destroys his wife Diego and his daughter Lolita, a completely new incorporation Bailando 2019. The beginning is difficult because Marian did not close absolutely nothing.

"You were publicly horned for something you did not do. And you put the flag on a woman, and you're shaking, but you do not really represent me at all. I can agree with you on many other things you say, but the truth is that you do not represent me as a woman. True, to forgive the horn, to have what you have afterwards, like you do with your husband, I do not think so. You are for comfort and you said it yourself. If you want to become a Ko-Botineras Cor Collective T-shirt, you can get there, but it does not make you a better woman to forgive the public horn. We all went on a date, "said the vedette.

"For me, you are not a better person for forgiveness, and less if you later have a shade of ***. It's very late for what you do. It is very late that I will argue, or I will defend myself and continue the topic from five years ago, for which I won the trial. It does not matter who did it, "Diarco said in relation to the trial that Lavezzi had initiated to extort and from which he was released. But that's not all, because the actress saved the strongest part to the end.

Marian did not hesitate to indicate Lola Latorre, indicating that she did not consider her talented or charismatic. "If one day I come to Bailando, which I do not believe, it will be the same and because of the pain **** that I do, not because of the name Latorre as your daughter", the recording of the woman Dipi was closed, It is worth remembering that he tried to convince Marcelo Tinelli several times to add it to his program, but at least he has not succeeded so far.

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