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In the midst of the scandal with Jimena Barón Daniel Osvaldo focuses on the Italian "Dance"

Last year it was Jimena Barón, who showed off Dance, reaching the finals and losing hard with the couple Sofia Morandi and Julián Serrano.

And although it is still unknown whether the singer and actress will be included in this year's edition, it's a concrete thing who will be part of a known event, but thousands of kilometers away, is his ex-Daniel Osvaldo. The musician will be one of the participants Ballando con le stelle, something like Dance from Italy.

"Dance that there is no hell." Eco la mia bellissima ballerina ", wrote the former player on his Instagram account Veera Kinnunena sensual Swedish dancer who will accompany him on the track and who shared various positions referring to his partner partner on his social network account.

In addition, the first one from Boca participated in the group photo with the rest of the stars, which will be part of the new season of the cycle Italian RAI, including a nun from a European country that underwent viral participation Voice from this country and managed to win the competition; former senator Antonio Razzi; and the Norwegian model Lasse Matberg, better known as "sexy viking" on Instagram.

It is worth remembering that Osvaldo's participation in the popular cycle is in the middle of a media battle with his ex-wife and mother of his son Morrison.
It all started with a tweet, which the actress wrote on the social networking site as a joke, in which she ironized about the profession of a former player who is currently leading a rock band.

"Dear garden: That's all I have. I promise to improve for the next child, the artist said, explaining that the institution asked her to fill in a form with her and her ex-her.

"Dad's name? he asked the question that the singer answered correctlyHowever, he left empty phone boxes and the former player's mailIn the "occupation" section, Baron appealed to his sincerity and wrote: "I have no idea".

It caused immediate reaction of former Roma player, Juventus and Inter, among other clubs who asked her to share videos with her son on social networks where the child says words such as "vagina", "whistle" or "ass".

After watching the movie and reading the words of the former player, the singer again used social networks to answer: "I have a poem! I did Zen all day, saying "I do not need""You have a child", "it is not worth it", "do not bend to answer", but the government that I have … "

Then she referred to her mea culpa for choosing her son's father and that she "learned" the next time she wanted to be a mother. "Because one as a single mother, how do you bancás someone and you always like this dose of guilt, to say: "Where did you decide to reproduce?& # 39; This makes you shut up in part. If somebody says and breathes, that they have a baby with a baboon, he does not speak well of the same. I forgave myself. That's what I said, "it was." I put chips in the future, you gave them a stone face, well, I found out. First of all, when you see that the area is half rancid, I learned not to multiply – he said.

"And if it happened that you were proclaiming a claw, we are all united, a network, women empowered to power. He is raised with love and explained: "It happened to Mommy, she decided about it and now she takes control", Sam, go ahead, laburando, paying rent, paying school that we live in a country that leaves $ 600,000 to buy a can of tuna and a packet of pasta. Combining the string for Disney, $ 42! Take it on vacation … my old woman. Nothing happens, I will take it again. Disney is going to the kid for the second time – he said.

"Motherhood, beautiful motherhood that is difficult as a couple and lonely or tell them … Well, many women know about it, I'm happy, I love my son, it's the best thing that ever happened to me in life and everything I do with pleasure and passion, but do not have a wig. my mood and what I say to myself as a joke, thank him, papa, thank you, because in reality nothing of it is funny. Nothing that has happened and what happens to the date associated with you is not funny. If I raise my mood, thank him, he told his ex-husband.

He also made it clear that he was not threatening to "show things, because it would be stupid." "I'm not going to do this because I have a five-year-old son who is wonderful, who is the only thing for me that is happy and good" – he explained.

"Yes, I can recommend closing the orto. They know nothing, they think they know, but they have no ideaAnd to all mothers who believed their children in solitude, because raising children is something else, I send them a huge embrace, all my admiration and feeling. That nobody ever scares them, hurts them, or shakes them or attempts to judge them as they are like mom"He added, then to refer to criticism from his ex about the words his son says in the films he publishes on social networks.

""Vagina" is not a bad word. I taught her about the vagina, penis, delivery and menstruation. And tomorrow I will also explain the liningso that he could use it, look after women and not become a father if he does not know or does not want to, "he noted.

"And if I look like a mother shit, you should show up and teach him. Being a partner of a fucking mother also makes you a fucking father"finished.

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