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"It fed me, led me to complete mental fatigue" Georgina Barbarossa shot Miriam Lanzoni!

The host talked about alleged cheating. See what he said!

In March this year Georgina Barbarossa got involved in a big dispute: Miriam Lanzoni accused her of cheating. It turns out that the former partner Alejandro Fantino bought him a house famous conductor and before he settled, he discovered that he was in a very bad condition. Georgina He denied the versions and over time the controversy was forgotten. Till yesterday

A famous presenter he took part in the last broadcast of "PH We Can Speak" and included this scandal on the media agenda. It all started when Andy Kusnetzoff asked in the "Meeting place" segment to come to the front that blew up the person in WhatsApp. Georgi He took a step forward and sowed discord.

At the beginning he said he blocked the ex. Then he remembered the situation with Miriam. "I also blocked a woman who bought my house because she tortured me. Because I spoke about mistakes … "he expressed himself comedian"I sold my home to a famous woman who was taking care of me and said," Well, that's enough, "he added, while the other guests shouted to reveal the name of the person.

"To Miriam Lanzoni. He said that the house was disordered, in bad condition … and I said: "This stupidity can not resist. Chau. " He went to see it earlier, it was with his father, with the architect, with the main builder, with his partner, with his children, all together … ", he continued great number. Then Andy was surprised: "But what did he say?"

"But you live in a thermos! He came everywhere. He tortured me. "The house broke down, the roof fell," he said. Everyone went to my house and they know how I have it. I am known for having divine homes, because I like it, "said the guest. Then she told about what happened, according to her story, the expansion of "Los Angeles de la Mañana" sent pictures of the house from the mess, but through the modifications she made herself.

– He ripped off the furniture in the kitchen. Then I say: not crazy. There is no way to discuss this because you are wrong. He wanted me to repair the house – he explained. Barbarrosa, "It was torture. He sent me text, audio and even text messages! Have you seen that no one uses them anymore? At some point, it tired and blocked me. It fed me, led me to complete mental fatigue – he concluded.

Remember that Lanzoni on the LAM floor said: "This is a very nice house, but I got more or less. I was half wimped and they did not tell me. I was about to move and that day the house collapsed. I wrote to Georgina and she blocked me. He sold them to me at a divine price. Did you see when you saw someone without make-up and said "upa"? I saw it and it was furnished. The furniture was covered with moisture or broken pipes. When I was about to move, it spread to the rain. And I dropped the kitchen ceiling! He got stuck with a sealer to change.

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