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Jimena Barn picantsima with Nicole Neumann: Can anyone tell me what happened to this woman?

A few weeks ago, since it was announced that he would replace Vernico Lozano in his cycle, Telefe will be Jimena Barn, rumors have spread about the alleged dissatisfaction of Nicole Neumann with the decision to explode. Although the blonde denied, she missed a great debut yesterday jime as the host of Corta for Lozano, and versions of her anger resounded. also singer They did not forgive him his inexplicable absence and left him live.

Jimenawithout being dispersed, she began her new role with a lot of picard. Guys, visual consultations, because I'm counting … I miss someone on the panel, I say. There was always a blonde there. By Friday there was and today on Monday I notice an important absence. Can anyone tell me what happened to Mrs. Nicole Neumann? What is the reason for this vacancy and this strange reception with this absence? former participant of the Dance, with characteristic humor.

Panelists, attentive to controversy, pretended not to know who was talking, and then asked her what she knew about the situation that unleashed Nicole's anger. I heard rumors that there is no good vibration with my substitute Mrs Vernica Lozano, which will be very strange, because even in this studio I made a hook with my ex-boyfriend, he is doing very well. It will be very strange to think that I really have bad vibrations, that I am more than generous, I replied Barn, sharper than ever.

What is the official version? I asked in production and there is silence. In make-up, I mentioned the name and there were crickets. He went on vacation, came back, and now he comes back … Monday, added later beautiful actresswho had his son, Morrison, on his feet. Then Nicols Peralta went to Neumann's defense and continued: I have information, it has to do with international work, but I do not intend to tell her, she has to say it. It should be noted that according to CiudadMagazine, the top model has no defined return date and there is indeed discomfort in the presence of the translator.

Matas Tasin's girlfriend, when her irritation releases were released, she explained in her Instagram Stories: I learned about networks in the middle of my December summer vacation with my daughters that I allegedly left because in February Jimena Barn will lead the Cort cycle through Lozano with whom I always had and had the best. This is a bad theory. My idea was to rejoin January 24, because I was in the summer promotion program and at the beginning of the program on January 4. I do not know if I have to find out that I will not go back to the program, but in this case it's also about networks. What will Nikita say now?

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