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June 0 km: prices of imported cars that fall under the government plan – 14/04/2019

After reaching an agreement between the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the Government, in order to generate an incentive plan for the purchase of 0 km cars, importers they also managed to introduce a similar program.

From the chamber of importers (CIDOA) announced that some brands will participate in bonus planAnd now the first official values ​​appear.

Chery QQ enters the rebate program.

Chery QQ enters the rebate program.

Discounts in the program will be $ 50,000 (USD 20,000 from the government and USD 30,000 from the brand) for vehicles whose official list price is lower than $ 750,000while for those who exceed this range, the bonus will reach $ 90,000 ($ 40,000 and $ 50,000).

One of the most frequently used vehicles is HyundaiIn total, the Korean brand presents 8 options between models and versions, in some cases with higher discounts than those proposed by the program.

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E.g Creta Connect, in addition to receiving the 90,000 pesos bonus plan, it saves 7 thousand dollars (about 300,000 pesos) of the discount I had before. Thanks to this, the final price remains $ 1,005.50.

The same happens with SUVs tucson, in 2WD N AT Style and Panorama Sunroof versions, which in addition to 90 thousand 5,000 and 2,000 dollars earlier. Today are the final prices USD 1,380 630 and USD 1,720,300.

The other versions are Veloster Tech AT (final price 1 537 080 USD) Veloster Sport MT (USD 1 537 080), Tucson 2019 2WD N AT Style (1.586.250 USD), Tucson 2019 2WD N Panorama Sunroof (1.593.530 $) and Kona 1.6 Turbo Safety + (USD 1,720,300).

Chery It also has many models that are affected by the problem. The QQ Comfort Security has a bonus of 50 thousand pesos, at a list price of USD 12,050.

Versions ArizzoOn the other hand, they have a bigger discount. Comfort MT, Luxury MT and Luxury CVT are available discounts of 262,000, 325,000 and 219,000 pesos respectively. These bonuses apply to prices of USD 18 100, USD 20 700 and USD 19 600.

The Tiggo 2 1.5 Comfort and luxury they have discounts of 141,000 USD and 129,000, at list prices of 16 767 USD and 18 367 USD.

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Tiggo 3 and new Tiggo 5 enter the plan, but only from 90,000 bonus program that the program is considering.

BMW is one of the first to announce models participating in the program. vehicles 118i in versions Active and Sportthey will have a final price of USD 33,000 (the time of activation of the plan was respectively USD 35,900) and PLN 37,000. USD (39 900 USD).

MINI Cooper.

MINI Cooper.

MINIthe second company belonging to the German brand will also include two options in the plan: Cooper Pepper ON 3 doors now has a price of USD 32,000 (USD 34,900) and a bodywork 5 doors35,500 USD (36 400 USD).

Other brands participating in the plan are Kia, Alfa Romeo, Baic, Geely, Haval, JAC, Lifan, Shineray, Subaru and Suzukibut they have not yet reported the value of the rebate.

Ernesto Cavicchioli, CEO of Hyundai Motor Argentina, said that "the government has included all brands because we are all part of a large variety market, and customers should be entitled to similar conditions when choosing … regardless of whether it makes a model in the country. "

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The manager pointed out that "around 70% of vehicles sold in Argentina come from imports, so there is no point in discriminating against production."

"When we talk about economics, the emphasis is usually on production, but one should never forget that the market exists for consumers and that they should be offered the greatest possible competition so that they can choose" – sums up Cavicchioli.

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