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Nintendo promises up to nine hours of autonomy thanks to the new Switch version

One week ago an advertisement came Nintendo end Switch Lite, a new version your successful console that will focus on portabilitybecause it will be light, compact and easy to transport. Now Nintendo is coming back thanks to the amendment Nintendo switch original, which on this occasion will have a battery with greater durability.

One of the most important aspects nintenderos he criticized The switch was duration of the batterybecause it's a console hybrid, which means it can be used in both television as a laptop This one did not last long enough.

The original model included the range two and a half hours and six and a half hours, The update which will soon be available for sale, will have a duration that will run from four and a half hours to nine effective game.

Out of time battery life no connection required dock this version Nintendo switch he will not present more significant changes, according to the Japanese company.

From Great N they emphasize this The duration depends on the game which works in the console. The most illustrative example is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildbecause in the model original allowed a three hours of autonomywhile with the new version will be extended to five and a half hours.

It's interesting how Nintendo he has increase autonomy your hybrid console, if the size of this has not changed significant Some hypothesis that the specialist press is noticing they have reduced the internal elementss to give more space battery or has improved processor; but there is no official information on this subject.

This year, the Japanese company has already announced two new versions in your flagship console, so rumors it pointed to Pro modelthat would be based on improvement efficiencyas well as in the progress of the case diagrams He would have been rejected by the end of 2019.

Nintendo switch with the most batteries permanently will be publicly available beginning of September and no significant price changes were announced (USD 300)In order for buyers to distinguish it from the previous one, they must take into account box design, which will change in this new version.

They were also announced Two new Joy-Con pairs. In this case, the change is only aestheticbecause new models will be available in colors blue / yellow and violet / orange, EThe price of these controls will be USD 79.99.

Nintendo will maintain its presence in 2019

For the rest of the year Nintendo he will keep it presence in the world of video gamesbecause it will launch new titles franchise This is amazing important for company. An example of this is Fire emblem: three housesA medieval RPG that will see the light of the next July 26

In September one of processing more expected by Great N fans, It is about The Legend of Zelda: Link & # 39; s Awakening, classic Game Boy original, which tells the story between dungeons and fights with monsters link trying to get out of Koholint island.

Luigi & # 39; s Mansion 3 will be released last day of October and he will talk about adventures Luigi while trying to save my brother Mario and princess Peach with ghosts who are in a dark hotel.

As if that was not enough, the most important title Nintendo for 2019 will be Pokémon Sword / Shieldwho will present a new generation pocket monsters as well new dynamics for a franchise.

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