Saturday , June 12 2021

"Onda Vaga" defends itself against squads by abuse

The phenomenon of utterances on the blog, among which the situations of abuse, persecution and macho attitudes are described, fell on Onda Vaga about a month ago, where 45 anonymous certificates of various character were collected. All these days, the group decided to remain silent until yesterday, in which she published a statement in which she rejects allegations of sexual harassment, although she assumes responsibility for the repressive action associated with the relationship they had with the public woman. who took part in their shows. "We took this time in silence because it seemed rash to express ourselves without prior analysis and serious consideration of the whole situation," they explain the silence of anonymous reports published on the blog.

"We want to make sure that none of us is a sex offender or criminal (nor does it have any allegations) because it has been published anonymously in the networks," say group members who had to suspend the last dates of their trip around Europe. "We deeply regret that some women felt wounded or upset, it is true that we could be insensitive and arrogant from the place where we deal as men and as musicians, and we apologize for that, it was not our intention, but today it hurts us in the soul, "they express themselves with a self-critical tone. From there, one talks about the climate of time spent in the daily violence of women: "We believe that the basic themes that result from this are necessary and urgent, and that without a doubt this circumstance clarifies our aspects and societies that must be treated and modified." "We think that it is very difficult to say everything we want to convey in this way, we will eventually share, individually or in dialogue with people who want dialogue, all the reflections and self-criticisms that we had in this process" – ends the letter.

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