Pata Villanueva said she was a victim of rape


The actress, Pata Villanueva, has produced a story that is hardly noticeable in the era where women's rights struggle is strong. Pata was counting on the program PH, We can talk with Andy Kusnetzoff. that an old love affair ended after aggression.

During the meeting room block, the driver asked the guests whether they had any life on their skin. The actress leaned forward and replied to a point on her forehead: "There is a point here because a friend is angry and stuck – pum! – a pen, he did not give me the eye, here he gave me (supporting the index in the middle of the eyebrows) and still I have a small hole, "Pata said.

And he said, "Thirty years ago blood came out like a jet, and I really did not want to … I always remember that thing remained in my body."

Irónica added, "A dog is here, and there is the marquita."

Kusnetzoff did not ignore the seriousness of his story and the fact of rape. And he began, "Well, I was a little jealous."

The former model was clear in telling her story at times when women acted differently: "On that day I did not see any more, and three decades ago no reports were made."


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