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"She spends all her time, she pays models to make brides and black workers …"

Jorge Rial is one of the most terrifying journalists in the world of entertainment, which is why many people dare not deny him; loyal to his style, the driver of Intrusos once again demonstrated his more valiant side and was encouraged to challenge, directly and unfiltered, one of the most important characters of the television, pointing directly to Adrián Suar and his new series, The Tiger Veron.

The fiction in which Julio Chávez performed had its premiere yesterday on channel 13 and tells the story of a unionist who runs UTCA (Union of Meat Workers), using a greasy combination of seduction and violence. Although the extravagant production of the Polish woman had excellent repercussions among public opinion and critics, the hottest journalist América TV was not happy with the main character, so he revealed it to his official Twitter account using irony.

"When are you going to make a fiction about an entrepreneur from Garc, a womanizer who spends all her time, paying models to make fiancés and blacken workers? I do not know. A title like El Tano Gatazzi, "wrote Rial, referring to one of the most important businessmen in our country, associated with an important company. As if that was not enough, Jorge doubled his rate and returned to punish Araceli González's ex-husband: "I will leave you stinging Suara, because when the unionists are exhausted" (sic).

Having said that, it's good to remember that the Intruder driver survived yesterday very hard when Mariano Iudica showed Morena Rial crying in front of the cameras and forced him to make a comprehensive monologue. "One is used to deal with cases of others, but in this case I am a father and I try to fulfill this role of my father. Seeing my daughter, who today went to expand the borders … I'm ashamed of this, in the situation in which she got stuck – a journalist began.

And then he doubled the bet. "That your daughter is a trend in networks … I really did not want to talk about this topic in my program, but I'm forced to. What I do gives him restraint as a father, but they make you talk, do not care about those who have to look after you. That they do it on the other side, which you understand, because it's competition, but they do it here, it's like getting to your house and seeing you stoned, "Jorge lamented, accusing Iudica directly and doing his program to try to harm him.

"I do not care who is responsible for it, but consider the partner's family, it is not easy to go out and see your daughter when I saw her. I put five less and expected that I would be talking about something else, if something does not characterize me, I would play stupidly. It is difficult to come and feel that those who kill you with stones put on your finger and make you a turner. I did not want to run this program in this way, and a few days ago I came so "- finished the monologue.

Idéica, on which the circumstances were made, had to go out for an apology. "I would be angry as he is, because I am also a father. I've known Jorge for years and I love him as much as she loves Morena and Romina, his wife, admitted the creator of Involucrados, having not received any answer from Jorge. For this reason, many people have assured us that Rial's attack against Suar is a strategy for changing the axis of the media discussion and away from the internal conflicts of América TV. Will it be this way?

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