The batteries of new phones can withstand less than previous models


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Manufacturers of mobile devices promote various tricks to extend battery life, including more efficient processors

A study by the American newspaper The Washington Post revealed that the phone manufacturers promise "all-day battery life", but this is not happening.

The study notes that if you bought a cell phone, it probably has a worse life than the previous model.

The test consisted of using several phones in the latest versions and, with a few exceptions, it turned out that the latest models this year have lower battery performance than their versions from last year.

Among the examples cited is the new iPhone XS, which appeared 21 minutes before the iPhone & # 39; em X last year. Pixel 3 Google & # 39; and lasted almost one and a half hours less than Pixel 2.

Mobile manufacturers promote different types of tricks to extend battery life, including more efficient processors, energy-saving modes and artificial intelligence to manage application drainage.

However, the results and tests carried out by other reviewers, which contrast the results obtained by newspapers, reveal the secret in the industry: lithium-ion batteries in smartphones reach a point where they simply can not keep up.

"The batteries are improving very slowly, about 5 percent per year," says Nadim Maluf, general manager of Qnovo, which helps optimize batteries. "But energy consumption on the phone is growing faster than 5%."

Manufacturers blame battery inefficiency on high demand for high resolution screens, more complex applications, and above all our apparent inability to turn off the phone.

Lithium-ion batteries, due to their wonderful battery, also have some physical limitations, including decreasing capacity over time and the risk of explosion if they are damaged or removed inappropriately.

The two phones that performed well in the test are Samsung Note 9 and Apple iPhone XR, which according to the study are good ideas on how to design phones to work longer at a reasonable price.

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