Thursday , January 28 2021

The car stayed on the tracks and got out with resignation to see the train destroy it | Chronicle

The man had mechanical damage to the car and stayed in the middle of the tracks Belgrano Norte Railroad in the San Isidro district of Buenos Aires. Hearing and seeing the approaching train, he got out and the formation crashed into his vehicle.

The incident occurred on Tuesday between Boulogne Sur Mer and Villa Adelina, so service on the Belgrano Norte line was discontinued.

The accident was recorded in a video in which the Renault 19 driver is visible while the car is standing at the railroad crossing on Olazábal Street.

Moment later, Faced with the inability to restart and move due to a broken rudder, the man got out and walked a few meters away.

The formation did not stop the march and rammed the car in front of the eyes of the driver, who left unscathed.

Shocking video of a train hitting a car

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