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The CFK mocked the quartet that rang in the Macri act in Cordoba

Mauricio Macri was in Cordoba on Friday, officially starting the campaign in the province. During the presentation, Ulises Bueno's quartet, which sounded in the background, caused controversy.

This is the song "Ahora Mírame" by brother El Potro, which Cristina Fernández praised in her presentation of her book "Sincerely," in Río Gallegos.

The video, which, when it started circulating in social networks, was considered false, was made available in the official account of Together for Change.

Fernandez, in reference to the song, laughed at the quartet and said: "The lyrics seem to be created for him."

The song in one part says: "Your time is over, I was tired of waiting, I told you that this will be the last chance, just cheat, just suffer". The film shows the leaders Juntos por el Cambio dancing in the rhythm of the quartet.

The former president referred to the situation and made a reservation in favor of the president: "It must be said that he was the only one who noticed others were still dancing".

"I do not know who put the quartet in Macri in Córdoba, but the guy leaves the stage because at some point the subconscious betrays you," Fernandez said.

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