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The latest Citroën is the new Citroën C3-XR, an SUV that can not be bought in Spain

You certainly do not know Citroën C3-XR it is logical that you do not know the name of this model, it is a Citroën car, which was born in 2014 to the Chinese market and is now a crossover that has been refurbished to remain a successful car in this market, where the end was in 2014. Collected around 180,000 units sold.

Citroën C3-XR is Citroën's response to the B-SUV segment in China

The Citroën C3-XR is a car that comes to fight in China about Segment B-SUV, with a design that, without the big frills, drinks from some of the features of the last western premier brands, such as front arrows or some rounded shapes and generally has a somewhat simple design.

This Citroën C3-XR joins up Citroën C4 Aircrosscrossover, which has a more complex and sophisticated design and fits what our market models offer us Citroën C5 Aicross adjust the offensive SUV brand in this market.

Although its interior follows a design similar to that of western products, its external appearance is simpler and less sophisticated

Citroën did not announce this engine Citroën C3-XR but we were taught the interior emphasizing the 9-inch screen, the specific design of the aerators and the touch of color available for the dashboard, door and upholstery.

The equivalent of this Citroën C3-XR on our market is Citroën C3 Aircross, available from 14 150 euros with a number of engines in which we will find PureTech 82 hp, PureTech 110 hp and PureTech 130 hp like gasoline options and BlueHDI with 100 and 120 HP like diesel options.

In Spain Citroën C3 Aircross has an initial price of 14 150 euros

Citroën C3-XR has such options on our market Peugeot 2008, the SEAT Arona or KIA StonicIn our small guide to SUVs, we describe in detail all cars in this segment and all their prices and promotions.

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