On April 16, Sony surprisingly revealed the first features of its next-generation console, PlayStation 5, highlighting the SSD memory system that will significantly reduce loading time. But there are still many details to know, including the equipment design, its enigmatic price and start games catalog.

In recent months, various reports predicted the company make a great presentationHowever, there is still no official date. According to a leaking email from Sony shared on NeoGAF and picked up by GamesRadar, the product will be disclosed to everyone February 12, 2020. The document does not specifically mention the PS5, but the description clearly shows that they will show "The future of PlayStation".

Filtration ensures that some of the most important publishers in the industry, e.g. Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision will have a conference space to show your titles next generation. It was also mentioned that Sony could use the same event to announce the second generation of virtual reality glasses, PlayStation VR 2.

Of course, the most recommended is take this information with tweezers and wait for confirmation from Sony. Other reports have stated that the above presentation will take place at PlayStation Experience 2019, which will probably take place in December. The Japanese company very carefully reveals the details of its new console.

So far it is known that PlayStation 5 will integrate the processor in addition to ultra-fast SSD memory 8-core AMD Ryzen with 7-nanometer Zen 2 architecture. For its part, the GPU will be a customized version AMD Radeon with Navi architecture. In addition, you'll have support for Ray Tracing and 3D sound. The console would hit the market in the last quarter of 2020 with a price close to $ 500.