The retail dollar operates without major variants for USD 37 for sale in the city


stable market

On the other hand, in the wholesale segment is negotiated at the level of 36 USD, and in blue, in microcredit caves is sold at a price of USD 36

The stock market operates on Thursday with some stability in most segments that include it. For example, in the wholesale position, the price of the currency is negotiated between banks and companies at USD 36, which means a slight increase compared to USD 35.90 from the previous closing.

Meanwhile, in the city of Buenos Aires, the US currency remains without major options at USD 37, in line with the usual survey iProfessional among major banking entities. Therefore, the details are as follows:

– Galicia: 37.20 USD
– Country: 39.90 USD
– ICBC: 36.85 USD
– BBVA French: 37.15
– Supervielle: 37.10 USD
– Santander Rio: 37.00 USD

When it comes to blue, $ 36 is for sale in the micro-caves. On the other hand, on the futures market Rofex, stocks at the end of the year amount to 38.52 USD, and as of March 2019, 42.72 USD.

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