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The tragic suicide Mike & # 39; and Thalassitisa: the star of "Love Island" hanged herself in the forest

Mike Thalassitis was just 26 years old and it was a familiar face in Britain thanks Love on the island of realityin which the players tried to find love. The young man recently had problems with debt and decided to hang himself in the forest.

His suicide occurred two days after Grandma's death, that Mike deeply regretted it and it did not help him overcome the "dark" era he lived, according to some friends.

According to the information on the portal Daily Mail, Mike was found dead on Saturday morning north of London.

The young man moved with his grandma, 94 years to look after her, and his recent death touched him. Also He had problems for a long time due to the large debts caused by his lifestyle.

"His social lifestyle had its price, and he did not make much money Island of Love, especially since he became the guardian of his grandmother, "revealed the source close Mirror.

The young man was referring to the opening of an Essex restaurant with former footballer Scott Neilson in fact, he saw the verification of the construction process.

Montana Brown, one of Mike & # 39; s partners on Love Island, wished he was doing more for a young man. After he learned that Thalassitis was reading self-help books, he thought he was better. "I do not know how I did not realize … my heart is broken because I could not help you," he wrote on Instagram.

Several members of the reality have commented on this they felt abandoned, parting with fame when they left the show.

The Thalassitis family is from Cyprus. The young man, who was also a professional footballer, gained fame in 2017 as part of the third season Island of Love, where he became popular with women and was known as "Muggy Mike". In 2018 he joined the program Celebs Go Dating.

IN Island of Lovethe players had to live isolated in a villa in Mallorca and to survive, they had to be paired with someone else, out of love, money or friendship, those who could not get it were eliminated from the show.

Mike has had a seven-month affair with singer Megan McKenna, who still does not make death statements.

Another star in June last year Island of Love he diedThe 33-year-old Ophie Gradon was found dead in her home in Newcastle. Sor boy, Aaron Armstrong, died 20 days later.

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